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Youth Exchange

Youth Exchange is a collaboration project between young people from different European countries. It is created and implemented by youth and the activities are those important to the youth. Main activity of the project is a meeting of young people and implementing the activities (5-21 days) in Estonia or another country. 

All young people aged 13-30 are eligible to participate in a youth exchange, no matter their education, background, nationality or language skills. The most important is the wish to try something new and learn. 

Before the meeting the young people plan how to work on the selected topic and create workshops, group works, discussion, role plays, simulations, outdoor activities etc. During the project the planned activities are implemented together. Youth exchange is directed to improve the competences of young people (including those with fewer opportunities), to create intercultural dialogue and learning, to get to know socially important topics and strengthen the values (tolerance, friendship, caring, democracy etc.). 

The learning is based on non-formal methods and principles. 

What do you gain from a youth exchange? 

Youth exchange is a great way to get to know other cultures and young people from different countries. Also, a way to work on topics you are interested in. It is a great way to learn English and an opportunity to learn how to live in a community.