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Who we are?

Tairi Laats

Tairi’s educational background covers psychology and high interest in non-formal education. In the year 2011 she started as a participant in youth exchanges and over the years has worked out her way of becoming a project writer, coordinator and facilitator. She also did EVS in 2017 and inspired from her personal experience in different projects she works on creating possibilities for young people to step out of the comfort zone and see the beauty of non-formal education and opportunities of Erasmus+.

Natalie Lind

I’m Natalie. I had my first Erasmus+ experience in 2021 and have been addicted ever since. I have personally seen, how impactful international projects can be and I want more and more young people to have a chance to participate. I have actively participated in NYHs work since spring 2022. During this time, I have coordinated multiple youth exchanges and ESC volunteers’ projects in Southern Estonia. I also studying law with a minor in social work and politics, When I’m not hitting the books, you’ll often find me immersed in embroidery or unwinding with a fun movie

Ksenija Akimova

I’m Ksenija, currently enjoying the sun and good vibes in Malta during my ESC year of volunteering. My Erasmus+ journey started with a training course back in May 2022, where I met the awesome people working in NYH and found out about this youth organization.
Since then, I’ve been taking part in many cool projects — whether just participating or helping to facilitate and organize. As for my educational background, I am enrolled in a program called “International Business Administration” with a major in marketing.

Carol Valjaots

I am Carol Väljaots, from Estonia but at the moment doing my European Solidarity Corps in Greece, Thessaloniki. I studied culinary but have always been active with youth work in some way.
My youth work started in secondary school when I was an active member of the student council. In high school I was the founder and a president of the student council and also head of international relations at Estonian Student Council Union. After graduating I started to be more active in NYH – participating in projects and helping out with the communication and social media marketing.

Liis Vaana

Hi, my name is Liis. I have my masters in Education and worked over ten years as a kindergarten teacher. I have my own little NGO, I do summer camps for kids from 5-15.Over a year I help one other great NGO to e-babysit and that’s also one crazy cool ride.I admire non formal learning and want to be better at it day by day.

I am here to help our international volunteers feel safe and secure. Beside coordinating international volunteers I write projects and coordinate youth exchanges. Hopefully soon enough I can write here some new achievements. Give me an opportunity to step out of my comfort zone and things will be happening.

Yasin Lossini

Hi, my name is Yasin Lossini. I’m a graphic designer and an illustrator. I’ve had the privilege of creating visual designs for NYH and its partners on various projects. I work as an independent creative on projects that call for branding, editorial design, typography, and illustration. My educational background is in Business Information technology but I’ve embarked on the creative industry as it’s where I’m most happy and able to solve problems creatively.

Maik Mases

I am Maik, a Tallinn native. In formal education, I have completed studies of physiotherapy and recreation management. During both I used the opportunity to take part in the Erasmus study / internship programme, spending two culturally enriching semesters abroad. I am also a proud alumnus of the Junior Achievement student company programme, having now contributed to promoting entrepreneurship among youth for nearly a decade through various educational activities and events. Currently I am working as an educator for SOS Children’s Village Estonia and also getting more and more into the world of international youth mobility projects.

Helena Heidemann

I am Helena, originally from Tartu, Estonia. I have degrees in social work and psychology. I have been in the youth field since 2011. I started as a member of
international student organisation and very soon went to my first Erasmus+ project. After that experience everything changed for me. I started to seek different international opportunities and not late after that wrote also my own first project. Beside that I have been working as youth worker in an open youth center and as an outreach youth worker. Currently I am a freelance project manager/coordinator.

Marco Santos

I am Marco Santos, originally from Brazil and living in Estonia since 2008. My formal education is related with Political Science and International Relation and I have done a post-graduation in Law.

I am active in the youth field since 2001 in different students and political organization and I do professional youth work since 2005 and acting as a non-formal education trainer since 2006. Current I am a free-lancer trainer and a manager of a small training and project management consultant company in Estonia

Vladimir Svet

Vladimir is one of the founders of NYH. He was dealing with various projects focused on youth policy and participation. He was one of the initiators and first chairman of the Tallinn City Youth Council where he have dealt a lot with advocating for youth and children’s rights. Having graduated the law faculty of the University of Tartu he worked as an adviser for the Estonian Chancellor of Justice in the field of children’s rights. In autumn 2017 he became the head of Administration of the Tallinn City Center.