EVS Mentoring and Intercultural Dialogue Training Course – INTERVIEW WITH MAIK

Name of the project: EVS MIDDate:5.10.2017 – 11.10.2017Country/City:Spain, MalagaWhat was the main topic of the event?Maik Mases: The topic of the training course was the European Voluntary Service and more specifically, every practical aspect that must be considered when hosting / coordinating / sending a volunteer. What was the biggest learning moments on the event

The Ambassadors of European Values – CARMEN RAAL – 12 months EVS in Bordeaux, France – Article in English

Ambassadors of European ValuesMy name is Carmen and this is a story of my year in France Bordeaux. So for the beginning I am going to tell you how  I ended up as a volunteer in the first place. When I was 15 years old, I had my first youth exchange and after that I

The Ambassadors of European Values – HEDI ROOGER – 12 months EVS in Bordeaux, France – Article in English

                            My EVS in Bordeaux, FranceHello, I’m Hedi and I spent 12 months in Bordeaux, France, where you can find the best chocolatines, baguettes, and of course, great Bordeaux’s wine.  I grew up in a small town in Estonia, where my biggest

VEEhYcLE+ 2G – Volunteers in Erasmus+ as an Engine (for social inclusion) of Young peolpLE – ALICE AHO – 12 months EVS in Algarve, Portugal – Article in English

Hi, I am Alice and this is my story...Well, my story goes way back to 2015 when I met some amazing people from Portugal. After that I knew that I want to spend at least a year in Portugal, close to the Atlantic ocean. It took less than a year for my dream to come true. Honestly

Culture – Straight to the Heart Youth Exchange – INTERVIEW WITH ALJONA, SAQLIAN, EGELIN, FAIZAN AND KRISTJAN

Name of the project: Culture – Straight to the Heart! Date: 18thto 27th August 2017Country/City: PolandWhat was the main topic of the event?Aljona Kurbatova- Main topic was culture. We presented our cultures through the history and mainly through cooking traditional food for other participants.Saqlian Ali Raza- The main topic of the event was to understand