Lord of Volunteers Training Course – INTERVIEW WITH GRETE, ALJONA AND EILIKA

Name of the project: Lord of volunteersDate: 14thto 20th October 2017Country/City:Czech RepublicWhat was the main topic of the event?Grete Liis Kuurme -The main topic was the work in organizations as a volunteer, why and how you should do it, how to motivate yourself and others on this topic, share the knowledge with others in your

Young Entrepreneur – Create Your Opportunity in The Countryside Youth Exchange – INTERVIEW WITH DOROTHY, KIUR, LINDA, LISETTE, AKSEL, KIRKE AND MARKO

 Name of the project: Young Entrepreneur - Create Your Opportunity in The CountrysideDate: 8th -16th  October 2017Country/City: Slovenia, RakičanWhat was the main topic of the event?Kiur: The main topic was entrepreneurship and developing the mindset of an entrepreneur along with basic information that a fledgling entrepreneur needs.Linda: The main topic was entrepreneurship. The main objective

MOJU U(th)niversity – Transformers Training Course – INTERVIEW WITH ALICE AHO AND ELINA RAUDSEPP

Name of the project: MOJU U(th)niversity - TransformersDate: 16th to 21st October 2017Country/City: Portugal, FaroWhat was the main topic of the event?Alice Aho - The main topic of this training course was intercultural conflicts. We opened the topic with how to understand which type of conflicts we are dealing and afterwards played out different type

Let´s be volunteers! – KAISA TOOMLA – 12 months EVS in Lisbon, Portugal – Article in English

Why EVS? Why Portugal? Because why not, right?Hi, My name is Kaisa and I did my European Voluntary Service in PORTUGAL. It sure was an amazing 12-months, which I will never forget. October 2016 was when I arrived in Portugal to start my one-year volunteering with a foster home with kids who had been taken