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YAGO Youth Activism Generates Opportunity Youth Exchange – INTERVIEW WITH THE GROUP

Name of the project: YAGO - Youth Activism Generates OpportunityDate: 10th Jan-18th Jan 2017Country/City:Greece, ThessalonikiWhat was the main topic of the event?Jane Meriloo: Youth Activism. How to be a youth activist, how to stand for Your rights and what kind of opportunities are there in that field.Ethel Ütsmüts: The main topic was youth activism, social

Conflict Transformation through Culture Training Course – INTERVIEW WITH ELISA KIVILA, CHRIZTI TINT AND INGA ULM

Name of the project: Conflict Transformation through Culture: Intercultural Conflict Management in Youth WorkDate: 18.01.2017 - 25.01.2017Country/City:Turkey/IstanbulWhat was the main topic of the event?Elisa Kivila - The main topic of the event was to learn about the characteristics of knowledge of intercultural conflict management approach, to develop new perspectives by experiencing cultural differences, needs, values

Mentoring: Act for Change TC – INTERVIEW WITH MADLE TIMM

 Name of the project: Mentoring: Act for ChangeDate: 24th to 30th October 2016Country/City:Armenia, TorosWhat was the main topic of the event?The main topic of the training was the role of EVS mentors. Each day we learned about the responsibilities of mentors, main tasks etc. We had many interactive examples of different situations what can happen with