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EVS Mentoring and Intercultural Dialogue Training Course – INTERVIEW WITH MAIK

Name of the project: EVS MIDDate:5.10.2017 – 11.10.2017Country/City:Spain, MalagaWhat was the main topic of the event?Maik Mases: The topic of the training course was the European Voluntary Service and more specifically, every practical aspect that must be considered when hosting / coordinating / sending a volunteer. What was the biggest learning moments on the event

The Ambassadors of European Values – CARMEN RAAL – 12 months EVS in Bordeaux, France – Article in English

Ambassadors of European ValuesMy name is Carmen and this is a story of my year in France Bordeaux. So for the beginning I am going to tell you how  I ended up as a volunteer in the first place. When I was 15 years old, I had my first youth exchange and after that I

The Ambassadors of European Values – HEDI ROOGER – 12 months EVS in Bordeaux, France – Article in English

                            My EVS in Bordeaux, FranceHello, I’m Hedi and I spent 12 months in Bordeaux, France, where you can find the best chocolatines, baguettes, and of course, great Bordeaux’s wine.  I grew up in a small town in Estonia, where my biggest

VEEhYcLE+ 2G – Volunteers in Erasmus+ as an Engine (for social inclusion) of Young peolpLE – ALICE AHO – 12 months EVS in Algarve, Portugal – Article in English

Hi, I am Alice and this is my story...Well, my story goes way back to 2015 when I met some amazing people from Portugal. After that I knew that I want to spend at least a year in Portugal, close to the Atlantic ocean. It took less than a year for my dream to come true. Honestly

Culture – Straight to the Heart Youth Exchange – INTERVIEW WITH ALJONA, SAQLIAN, EGELIN, FAIZAN AND KRISTJAN

Name of the project: Culture – Straight to the Heart! Date: 18thto 27th August 2017Country/City: PolandWhat was the main topic of the event?Aljona Kurbatova- Main topic was culture. We presented our cultures through the history and mainly through cooking traditional food for other participants.Saqlian Ali Raza- The main topic of the event was to understand


Name of the project: Learn About TraditionsDate: 10th to 21st August 2017Country/City: Romania, Milcoveni and TeregovaWhat was the main topic of the event?Villiam Põldma - Traditions. To learn about the local traditions, especially in small rural areas and of all the participant countries.Andreas Hein - The main topic was traditions. How to maintain traditions, how

EVS goes Carinthia – EVA KOBIN – 12 months in EVS in GEMMA, Villach, Austria – Article in English!

About Me…Hallo Ich bin Eva und Ich komme aus Estland!   I grew up in the little cosy village in Kildu and before I moved to Austria I worked in Suure-Jaani Youth Centre as a youth worker. For the last six years I have been involved with Erasmus+ projects like Youth Exchanges and International training courses.

Lets Do It Volunteer – ANNI TETSMANN – 7 months EVS in Arcistrauss, Sicily (Italy) – Article in English

My name is Anni and I was lucky enough to be EVS volunteer in Sicily for seven months. My hosting organization was amazing ArciStrauss. To be honest, my EVS ended more than one month ago, but somehow it has been very difficult to leave this experience behind. Seems like writing this post is the official

IncluEurope – Young Refugees Structured Democratic Participation in Europe – INTERVIEW WITH SAQIB, FAIZAN, JAMEELA AND MERILIN

Name of the project: IncluEurope - Young Refugees Structured Democratic Participation in EuropeDate: 17th until 25th June 2017Country/City: Sweden, StockholmWhat was the main topic of the event?Saqib Naveed - The main topic of the project that we how can collaborate with young refugees in the democratic process of the country where they are settled. The essence of the