Sezgin Bolat Turkey solidarity corps eesti Endla KindergartenName: Sezgin Bolat

Age: 22 years old

Country/city of origin: Izmir / Turkey



Activity Dates: October 2023 / June 2024

Total Months of Volunteering: 10 months

Hosting city in Estonia: Tallinn

Hosting organisation: Endla Kindergarten

Main activities:

Let me tell you about a day in the life of a volunteer in Endla Kindergarten. I start in the morning at 9 when its breakfast time and i help the assistant to prepare and clean after our meal. Shortly after the breakfast, I help the kids to get dressed and ready to go out. As our kids are at a younger age, it takes some time to do that because we are also trying to encourage them to learn how to get dressed on their own, and helping only when they really need it. And then we go out for approximetely 2 hours. Everyday outside what we do changes, depends on the weather, in winter we’ve built snowmans and snowhills. Right now during the spring we’re collecting flowers, running around, playing hide and seek, some games that i used to play when i was a kid.Sezgin Bolat Turkey solidarity corps eesti Endla Kindergarten

We go back inside around 12 and eat lunch. After helping to prepare the lunch, it is naptime and some of the kids want to hold my hand while sleeping. Then i take a break.

In the afternoons we do some activities together, sometimes i plan an activity such as a game, or a painting, or a craft for New years/Mother’s day etc.

On Wednesdays sometimes i help with the  administration and plan&write weekly calendars. And sometimes when the teachers have their weekly info meeting i stay with our children.