nyh koolitus youth exchange Oleśnica City Poland

Noored Ühiskonna Heaks (NYH) is promoting a call for participants for a Youth Exchange called “Closer to Nature Closer to Each Other” which will take place from the 26th May until the 1st June 2024 in Wroclaw, Poland.


“Closer to Nature Closer to Each Other” embodies an innovative youth exchange program aimed at fostering interconnectedness among young individuals while nurturing a profound appreciation for the natural world. Through this initiative, participants embark on a transformative journey that transcends geographical boundaries, bringing together youths from diverse backgrounds and cultures. By immersing themselves in nature, engaging in outdoor activities, and partaking in collaborative projects, participants not only develop a deeper understanding of environmental conservation but also cultivate empathy, teamwork, and cross-cultural understanding. This exchange offers a unique platform for young minds to connect, learn from one another, and collectively envision a more sustainable and harmonious future.

The significance of “Closer to Nature Closer to Each Other” lies in its ability to address pressing global challenges through grassroots efforts and youth empowerment. In an era marked by environmental degradation and social fragmentation, this exchange serves as a beacon of hope, instilling in participants a sense of responsibility towards both the planet and one another. By nurturing a sense of kinship with nature and fostering meaningful connections among peers, the program equips young individuals with the tools and perspectives needed to become agents of positive change in their communities. Through shared experiences and mutual respect, participants not only forge lifelong friendships but also become catalysts for building a more inclusive, resilient, and environmentally conscious society.

As part of the project, we will conduct workshops:

– ecological: creating your own cosmetics, flower bombs

– culinary: the impact of herbs on health, from farm to table

– slow food cuisine

– photographic: creating photos man close to nature “we are one”

– sightseeing trip Książ Castle, Wojsławice Natural Arboretum, ecological farm,

– a trip to the forest.


The Erasmus + Programme will cover 100% of the accommodation, food and activities and will reimburse 100% of the travel costs for the participants – up to 275 EUR. There are 7 vacancies available (6 participants + 1 leader). There will be a participation fee of 40 EUR per participant. Participants age should be from 15 to 19 years old. 28 participants in total from 4 different countries.

All interested people should fill out the application form below.


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