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Noored Ühiskonna Heaks (NYH) is promoting calls for participants for European Solidarity Corps (ESC) short-term team volunteering project which means organising Kozani Youth Fest 2024 in Kozani, Greece.

DATES: 07.05– 07.06, 2024



The volunteers for the Kozani Youth Fest will be divided into three distinct sub-teams based on their tasks:

  • A-Youth Fest volunteers, the Activities, will ensure the festival’s quality and activities, selecting themes, coordinating workshops, and supporting the participating organizations to ensure a cohesive and successful event.
  • P-Youth Fest volunteers, the Promoters, focuses on promoting the festival through social media, website management, photography, video editing, and creating promotional materials.
  • R-Youth Fest volunteers, the Runners, will be responsible for logistical support, securing sponsorships, venue preparation, and managing the festival’s operations.



The Objectives of the Volunteering Teams Project are for the young people to:

  • Organize and Execute the Kozani Youth Festival 2024: Take an active role in planning, organizing, and executing the annual Kozani Youth Festival, highlighting non formal education, youth culture, arts, and music as means of social and cultural expression.
  • Promote Active Citizenship and European Solidarity: Encourage local youth to engage in activities that foster a sense of community, solidarity, and European identity.
  • Support Youth Empowerment: Empower other young people by providing them with opportunities to develop skills, gain confidence, and participate actively in society.
  • Foster Cultural Exchange and Understanding: Create a platform through the Festival for cultural exchange to celebrate diversity, enhance mutual understanding, and build bridges between different cultures.
  • Enhance Social Inclusion: Work on a project that aims at including all community members, especially those facing social, economic, or geographical challenges, in the social fabric.
  • Contribute to Environmental Sustainability: Engage in an initiative that promotes environmental awareness and sustainability, aligning with global efforts to protect our planet.
  • Enhance Youth Work: Advocate for youth work, emphasizing its role in active citizenship and policy-making both at the EU and national level.
  • Promote Green and Digital Transition: Engage young individuals in Kozani’s transition efforts by equipping them with essential skills for the future and encouraging their active participation in the digital and green transformation of their community.

Participant profile:

18-30 years old

All the volunteers are provided with comfortable shared rooms in the hotel. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are provided at the hotel. Every volunteer will receive 120 EUR ( 4 EUR per day ) as pocket money.


How to apply for the project:

To apply for the project, candidates have to send their CV & MOTIVATION LETTER to marco@nyh.ee.

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