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Noored Ühiskonna Heaks (NYH) is promoting calls for participants for European Solidarity Corps (ESC) long-term project which means working with children and the seniors at a local community in Sanguedo, Portugal.

DATES: ASAP– 01.10.2024


About the organization:

The Red Cross of Sanguedo works with: pre-hospitalar emergencies; transports of non-urgent patients to their doctor appointments and treatments, social support for needy families, therapies in the area of physical and psychological health and youth volunteer actions.

The Local Youth Corps, made up of a working group of 20 volunteers, promotes actions in the social area, aimed at the vulnerable population, as well as boosts exchanges with volunteers from other European countries, through the Erasmus+ programs and the European Solidarity Corps .

At the end of 2021, the Senior University of the Red Cross of Sanguedo emerged as a way to promote the active aging of the community and already has 35 students.


Location: Sanguedo

Sanguedo is a little village located in the north of Portugal. It belongs to the city of Santa Maria da Feira that has around 140 000 habitants. Sanguedo is located at 30km from Porto and at 300km from Lisbon. It is 15 minutes away from Espinho – a city well known by its beach.

The average annual temperature is 19oC and it tends to rain a bit in the winter.

And, of course, it has us! Located right in the middle of Sanguedo, we count on around 100 volunteers. We work with pre-hospitalar emergencies, social support of families in need and, very recently, we also work with ESC and Erasmus+ programmes.


Relevant info:

Type of project – European Solidarity Corps – Individual Volunteering ESC51.

Hosting Organization – Cruz Vermelha Portuguesa – Delegação de Sanguedo.

Individual volunteering – Activities for the integration of the volunteer in the community, linguistic support, development of entrepreneurial skills (related to the transformation of needs into ideas and actions).Creation and implementation of personal projects, socio-personal reinforcement activities and development of key competences, mentoring, promoting intercultural dialogue and learning from and with the local community.


Volunteer’s Profile:

  • Youngsters (preferably with fewer opportunities) between 18 to 30 years old;
  • Motivated to participate in volunteer actions and activities that enable the development of skills key, experiences and learning;
  • With the ability to influence positively the peer group and the community;
  • With the ability to learn with new results and to adopt new behaviors;
  • Empathetic and aware of the needs and challenges of communities;
  • Aware of their role and to be able to participate in all phases of the volunteer activity in which they will be involved;
  • Interested in participating and contributing to volunteer activities that are oriented towards priorities and values European countries promoted by Erasmus+ and the ESC.


What we expect from you:

  • Promote social, cultural and educational practices tailored to the needs of local youth and the community;
  • Promote solidarity, diversity and interculturality;
  • Empower volunteers with new skills and learning based on Non Formal Education;
  • Encourage the entrepreneurial, creative and proactive attitude of volunteers;
  • Raise awareness among the community and local organizations of the need to foster entrepreneurial attitudes towards the development of the region;
  • Promote European social values, including solidarity;
  • Promote local activities;
  • Share best practices;
  • Promote recognition of EU opportunities.


Activities of the project:

1.Preparation and development of the Volunteer

a.Get to Know each other and Team building activities

b.Linguistic support via Online Linguistic Platform

c.Implementing a personal project by volunteer’s choice

2. Social and Personal reinforcement activities

a.Psychological support

b.Support for inclusion in the community

c.Weekly reflection and Mentoring

d.Promoting interculturality and solidarity via workshops and non-formal activities

e.Individual and group reflection

3. Intercultural dialogue and diversity

a.Promoting interculturality dialogue among youngster at schools.

b. Working on a foster house: helping disadvantage children with their schoolwork.

4. Culture and social inclusion

a.Activities such as: music classes, painting classes and pilates.

b.Inclusive school: curricular enrichment activities with children and senior at our senior university.

c. Working on a kennel and at a zoo in order to be involved with nature and help on the animal cause.

5. Solidarity and volunteering

a.Solidarity in the community with different actions (workshops,participation on campaigns for food collection at the supermarkets…)

b.Disseminating opportunities for Youth

6. Training and quality of life

a.Workshops on various topics relevant to the project

b.Activities at the Universidade Sénior


You will have:

Technical support – Supervision + Weekly meeting in the hosting organization to integrate information and share learning outcomes + support of the sending organization;

Financial support – Pocket money of 5€/per day every month + Food money (120€ per month);

Trainings/Education – On-arrival and mid-term training provided by the Portuguese National Agency +workshops promoted by the hosting organization, stakeholders and volunteers;

Mentoring – A mentor outside the organization to assist you in your daily life;

OLS – Mandatory online linguistic support to learn Portuguese;

Stakeholders – organizations and institutions where you will implement activities under supervision and with support but with autonomy; Mentoring – A mentor outside the organization to assist you in your daily life;

A shared room – in a house with all the living conditions required by the Erasmus+ programme (rent, water, electricity and Wi-Fi for free).


How to apply for the project:

To apply for the project, candidates have to send their CV & MOTIVATION LETTER to marco@nyh.ee.

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