Balkan Hotspot Media Lab – Hendrik Rebane – 7 months volunteering in Greece

esc volunteer greece Hendrik Rebane vabatahtlik eestiName of the project: Balkan Hotspot Media Lab

Date: 09.01.2023 – 20.08.2023

City/Country: Thessaloniki, Greece

Hosting organization: United Societies of Balkans

Located in the heart of Thessaloniki, Greece, the Balkan Hotspot Media Lab is a melting pot of cultures, ideas, and talents. It’s a space that welcomes volunteers from all corners of the globe, fostering an environment where diversity is celebrated, and creativity knows no bounds. 

esc volunteer greece Hendrik Rebane vabatahtlik eestiOne of the highlights of my volunteering experience was working on video projects. Together with the team, we captured the rich tapestry of Thessaloniki’s cultural landscape. 

Writing for the Balkan Hotspot magazine was a platform where diverse voices could be heard. It allowed us to explore and share our individual insights on local culture, art, and events from a wide range and perspectives. 

Participating in a radio and podcasting sessions was a true way of seeing different voices and ideas. Our team brought together a diverse range of perspectives on topics that mattered. It was an inspiring experience, demonstrating how diversity enriches the dialogue. 

Volunteering at Balkan Hotspot meant playing a role in organizing events that work with global diversity. From cultural festivals representing various traditions to workshop exploring different art forms. These events untied people from different backgrounds and promoted cross-cultural exchange. 

esc volunteer greece Hendrik Rebane vabatahtlik eestiIn the digital age, social media and blogs connect us globally. Managing these platforms for Balkan Hotspot allowed us to engage with an international audience interested in our diverse projects and content. It was a reminder of the power of digital communication to bring people from all walks of life together. 

My time at the Balkan Hotspot Media Lab in Greece was a testament to the beauty and practicality in media and creativity. Through video creation, writing, radio and podcasting, event organization, and digital content management, I not only celebrated diversity but also gained a deep understanding for the richness it brings to storytelling and communication. 

If you’re seeking a volunteering experience that embraces diversity, encourages cross-cultural collaboration, and allows you to immerse yourself in the world of media and creativity, Balkan Hotspot is the place to be. It’s a vibrant, diverse, and inclusive community where your passion for storytelling and communication can truly shine. 

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This Project was financed by European Commission’s European Solidarity Corps Programme.