koolitus training course nyh italy shucedeName of the project: “SHuCeDe: Social HUman CEntered DEsign” Training Course

Date: 5th – 14th September 2023 

City/Country: Naples, Italy




koolitus training course nyh italy shucedeWhat was the main topic of the project?

Fatmakhanim Mammadova – Design Thinking.

Kristine Kivi – Social service design for NGO in this region.

Karina Ovchinnikova – Design thinking.

Liis R – Design Thinking.


koolitus training course nyh italy shucedeWhat were the biggest learning moments of the event for you?

Fatmakhanim Mammadova – When I learned about social problems of Naples.

Kristine Kivi – Tools, people, communication, working together, making impact.

Karina Ovchinnikova – The biggest learning point for me was understanding the structure that design thinking follows: where it starts and where it ends. We went through all the stages, studied the theory and immediately consolidated it in practice. Another learning point for me was the need to address the roots of a problem because often we direct our attention to comforting its consequences. As a youth worker, I was also interested in learning how youth support centers work in other European cities.

Liis R – Rules are there for a reason… 😉koolitus training course nyh italy shucede


Do you have any plans to continue being active in the field? If yes, in which way?

Fatmakhanim Mammadova – Yes, I would like to work on social problems more. I was thinking about conducting workshops as well as work on research.

Kristine Kivi – Yes, i’m looking for a way to use more of these tools (i was familiar with them before too and used sometimes) in my everyday job. And looking for a job i could use them more.

Karina Ovchinnikova – Our main focus was on the problem of children dropping out of school. The decisions we came to within our work team can be applied in practice. All the workshops/events/meetings we have come up with can and should be organized; these ideas will stay with me to apply them in future work. The topic of design is very broad, so my interest in it does not end even with this valuable experience gained within the framework of this project.

Liis R – I can use new knowledge in the future when there is some problem what includes environment and peoples living standards.


Would you recommend this experience to your friends? If yes, why? If no, why not?

koolitus training course nyh italy shucedeFatmakhanim Mammadova – Yes, I learned a lot of new things.

Kristine Kivi – Yes, It awesome. Getting to know other cultures, people, the connection, facilitators and everyone. I loved it and have tons of awesome memories from there.

Karina Ovchinnikova – Get involved in youth projects and exchanges the sooner the better. The contacts, acquaintances, skills and knowledge that you will receive are incomparable to anything else. This was my very first project and I felt some regret that I had not traveled and developed in this way before. Fear disappears while moving. Go for it!

Liis R – If you’re not a teamplayer then I don’t reccomend. That needs a lot of skills in that field.



This Project was financed by European Commission’s Erasmus + Programme