Noortevahetus / Youth Exchange

noortevahetus nyh eesti sport youth exchange erasmus+Name of the project: «To-Gather with sport
Type of the project: Youth Exchange
Place: Paikuse (Pärnu).
Activity dates: 17-25 May 2023

Number of participants: 31 young people
Countries involved: Estonia, Spain, Lithuania, Ukraine, Italy.

Imagine a world where young people come together not just to play, but to discover themselves through sports and games. That’s exactly what “To-Gather with Sports” is about. The Youth Exchange brought diverse young individuals under one roof to explore the power of sports in shaping who they are and how they connect with others.

The participants learned new ways of doing things, met different people, and uncovered how sports can help different cultures come together as one. The idea was simple: sports is not just about running or kicking a ball; it’s a way to bring people together and understand each other better.

noortevahetus nyh eesti sport youth exchange erasmus+The project got its inspiration from the SPIN program in Estonia, where football training is used to teach teenagers important skills like working as a team, understanding emotions, solving problems, and communicating well. This showed that sports can do much more than keep you physically fit – they can help you understand how groups work, solve everyday problems, and learn important life skills.

During the Youth Exchange, participants engaged in a range of activities aimed at achieving the program’s objectives. They had the opportunity to observe and understand how individuals from various backgrounds approach sports and what motivates them. Through participating in different sports, they gained hands-on experience and learned about diverse ways of integrating and including people from different cultures. By sharing their personal experiences and learning from one another, participants developed new skills that they can apply in their personal lives and future careers. The exchange also fostered intercultural discussions, allowing participants to explore and appreciate different cultures, ultimately contributing to a greater sense of global understanding and unity.

noortevahetus nyh eesti sport youth exchange erasmus+“To-Gather with Sport” brought forth a wealth of enjoyment and excitement. The experience was filled with moments of laughter and memorable interactions with new people from various backgrounds. The combination of engaging activities and usuful information provided an enriching and captivating environment. The diverse range of activities proved to be both entertaining and enlightening, offering new perspectives and insights. Overall, the project created an atmosphere of fun and discovery, leaving the participants with lasting memories and a sense of accomplishment. You can feel it by yourself by checkig our stories:  


This Project was financed by European Commission’s Erasmus + Programme: