play with your future


The “Play With Your Future” Project is a project that was developed by the Portuguese Red Cross Youth, together with national and international partners from Italy and Estonia.

The mission of this project is to educate young people for the general objectives of the EU Youth Strategy and to train Youth workers and volunteers to develop awareness-raising actions.

Everything started with Portuguese, Italian and Estonian people who met each other on the training course in Portugal to think about creating a digital tool. Using non-formal education activities and board games they discussed what this tool should be like and which topics should be included and came up with a game called “Play with Your Future” which covers such topics as mental health, social inclusion and sustainability.

A series of workshops about the game “Play with Your Future” were held in three schools of Harju Country in Estonia. In general, there were a bit more than 100 participants.

play with your future       play with your future       play with your future

The game was presenting in the form of a quiz discussing with the participants the importance of mentioned topics, and sharing our and their opinions and experience.

Youngsters showed great interest in the topics and enthusiastically participated in discussions. They were curious about the opportunity to download the game for themselves. They found the workshop useful for their future and saw it as a good opportunity to increase their competencies connected with the topics of the game. 

The youngsters heard and learned a lot of new information in the process of playing the game. Also, it made them think more about the topics of mental health, social inclusion and sustainability in general, and how it`s relevant to their lives. “Play with Your Future” allowed them to look at some things from another angle.

“Play with Your Future” is a perfect tool for raising awareness on topics such as mental health, social inclusion and sustainability and for using it in our daily life. It’s interactive, easy to use and access and suitable for all ages.

You can download the game for free here: Play With Your Future – Apps on Google Play 



This Project was financed by European Commission’s Erasmus + Programme