noortevahetus youth exchange nyh spain rur'actName of the project: “RUR’ACT” Youth Exchange

Date: 20th – 30th May 2023 

City/Country: Munébrega, Spain





What was the main topic of the event?noortevahetus youth exchange nyh spain rur'act

Kaisa-Kriki Kais – To organize a festival in the village of Munébrega.

Andrea Laar – To organize a festival in rural area such as Munebrega. Also to think about how to make rural areas more attractive.

Kareen Kink – Dynamise rural areas.

Annely Kasela – Organising a cultural festival in a rural area.

Helena Laansoo – Dynamization of rural areas, creating a festival for the people of Munébrega.


What were the biggest learning moments of the event for you?

Kaisa-Kriki Kais – How to make sure everything runs smoothly and also that everyone is satisfied and happy with the festival.

noortevahetus youth exchange nyh spain rur'actAndrea Laar – There were many learning moments. I learned how to organize festival from zero to an actual festival. I learned from other young people many things related to their previous experiences and life experience.

Kareen Kink – I learned a lot about other cultures, about their food, games, traditions etc.

Annely Kasela – Finding out that it IS possible to put together a nice little cultural festival in a week if you have an awesome bunch of people working together with you.

Helena Laansoo – I learned a lot about teamwork, how to work in a group, and how to listen to others. I also got many new ideas for opportunities that would be possible to organize in my town.


Do you have any plans to continue being active in the field? If yes, in which way?noortevahetus youth exchange nyh spain rur'act

Kaisa-Kriki Kais – Yes, I plan to study cultural sciences in university and the experience of organising a festival was in my opinion a great little overview of what’s to come for me (event organizing etc.).

Andrea Laar – Yes! I got lot of motivation to organize a festival in my hometown one day. Also I am thinking about to write articles about life in rural areas and how all these practical skills that were common once are about to be forgotten.

Kareen Kink – Yes, I really want to participate in other projects as a participant.

Annely Kasela – Already am 🙂

Helena Laansoo – I am not sure yet, though I would like to organize something similar in my own town.


noortevahetus youth exchange nyh spain rur'actWould you recommend this experience to your friends? If yes, why? If no, why not?

Kaisa-Kriki Kais – 100% yes, it was an amazing project filled with amazing people who all had something great to offer personally or from their cultures. It was quite hard at times, both mentally and physically (I had a high fever for a couple of days) but it was all so worth it. I have never met so many beautiful people in one place and the project gave me an opportunity to experience just that!

Andrea Laar – Yes! I met friends for lifetime. We were working really good as a team. The organizators built very free and nice atmosphere. And the topic of festival and discussions changed my mind and isnpired me to take an action in my own hometown. I truly recommend this experience.

Kareen Kink – Yes, I would recommend this experience to my friends because it is a good way to travel, see new places, meet new people and learn new skills.

Annely Kasela – Absolutely. I had so much fun and I learned so many things I can actually apply to my real life in Estonia.

Helena Laansoo – I would definitely recommend this experience to my friends and I already have, it was very eye-opening. You meet a lot of new people and get connections all over Europe, you also get really motivated to do something for your own country and get many new ideas. You also get out of your comfort zone!
This Project was financed by European Commission’s Erasmus + Programme