noortevahetus youth exchange nyh estonia democratizationName of the project: “Democratization by Digitalization’’ Youth Exchange 

Date: 30th April – 7th May 2023 

City/Country: Paikuse, Estonia.



noortevahetus youth exchange nyh estonia democratizationWhat was the main topic of the event?

Aleksandra Galkina – Outlook on democracy by teaching the importance of obtaining accurate information and active participation through digital means.

Lucas Docampo Gacio – Democracy, digitalization, fake news, communication and e-Estonia.

Rebeca Rotberg – Main topic was raising awareness about democracy, how it affects people, how it works overally and how can we develop way of thinking around us.

Martin Kisseljov – Democratization by Digitalization.

Aleksei Kuroljov – Digital tools and methods to understand democracy and improve its function.

Artjom Doronitsev – Democratization.

Nikita Smyshljaev – Democratisation, freedom of speech, equality.


What were the biggest learning moments of the event for you?

Aleksandra Galkina – For me, the most important thing is always the people! Seeing how the attitude of people who came to the project for the first time in their lives changes and how much their perception of life changes helps me also to look at things in a new way!

Lucas Docampo Gacio – Workshops related to fake news and how to detect them.

noortevahetus youth exchange nyh estonia democratizationRebeca Rotberg – Biggest learning experience definitely was hearing other peoples situations and stories. Especially was really awakening hearing about other countries.

Martin Kisseljov – The biggest learning moment for me was that people with different views on politics, from different countries and cultures may still find the way to a consensus.

Aleksei Kuroljov – There will always be leaders to step up and take responsibility, no matter how chaotic the situation is.

Artjom Doronitsev – Speaking to new people.

Nikita Smyshljaev – It was nice to talk and present a bit in public.


Do you have any plans to continue being active in the field? If yes, in which way?

Aleksandra Galkina – For sure!

Lucas Docampo Gacio – Sure! This project gave me a lot of inspiration and fresh ideas that I could even test during some of the activities. I’m really glad to have this oportunity.

noortevahetus youth exchange nyh estonia democratizationRebeca Rotberg – Definitely, I will raise awareness to other people around me as much as I can. For me it’s very important that I can give my friends and people around me in general new knowledge and important conversations.

Martin Kisseljov – I am planning to be active in the field beacuse even without the project politicse were the most interesting topic for me. And after finishing the project I only undertood it better and changed some views.

Aleksei Kuroljov – Yes, as I believe digitalization of government functions can increase its efficiency, is more transparent and cost-efficient. What is crucial is to also spread awareness of the flaws of digitalization – the example can be a manipulation of social media and propaganda in general.

Artjom Doronitsev – No, but i will keep in my mind that Estonia is digitalized.

Nikita Smyshljaev – We will see.


Would you recommend this experience to your friends? If yes, why? If no, why not?

Aleksandra Galkina – 100%! Life changing experience!

Lucas Docampo Gacio – Always.

Rebeca Rotberg – Yes, definitely I would do that. This is one of the best projects I have been to because this topic really interests me and I feel like I am good at gaining this information and using the knowledge in the future.

Martin Kisseljov – Yes, because most of my friends are interested in that topic as well, but they do have possibility to discuss politics from the Estonian point of view, but it is extremely useful to understand how people from around the world whinking about that as well.

Aleksei Kuroljov – Every country has a different approach to digitalization of its government functions as well as its own approach to democracy and its values. Seeing such examples of other countries in Europe is truly unique and eye-opening. I believe its a great experience for everyone, who is interested in what is happening in his own country and all the countries of the world.

Artjom Doronitsev – Yes, very different experience.

Nikita Smyshljaev – Yes. I think it can help with developing social skills.

noortevahetus youth exchange nyh estonia democratizationOther comments or anything else you would like to share? You can answer in your mother tongue if you want!

Aleksandra Galkina – Thanks NÜH for this amazing opportunity!

Lucas Docampo Gacio – Gracias once again! 🙂

Rebeca Rotberg – Best national team I have had. I always felt surrounded by very smart people and also very safe feeling near my team. So proud to call it my team.

Martin Kisseljov – Thank you for the amazing project we had! Hope to see those people again!

Artjom Doronitsev – The most happiest part was writing something in envelops.


This Project was financed by European Commission’s Erasmus + Programme