hendrik rebane EUROOPA SOLIDAARSUSKORPUS greeceName: Hendrik Rebane

Age: 26 years old

Region/City: Viljandi


Activity Dates: 09.01.2023 – 20.08.2023

Total Months of Volunteering: 7 months

Hosting Country: Greece

Hosting Organisation: United Societies of Balkans

Main Activities Developed: 

Exploring Creativity, Community, and Podcasting 

As a volunteer for Balkan Hotspot, I contribute through videography, photography, article writing, event organization, and engaging in radio podcasting activities. 

Capturing the Essence: Using visual storytelling, I connect people to the cultural diversity and community spirit of the Balkan region. 

Crafting Engaging Articles: Through articles, I provide insights into Balkan heritage, events, and social issues, fostering understanding. 

Event Organization: I help plan, coordinate, and promote events that celebrate Balkan culture, building community connections. 

Radio Podcasting: Engaging in Balkan Hotspot’s radio podcasts, I discuss social issues, showcasing diverse voices and individual experiences in the framework of ESC.

hendrik rebane EUROOPA SOLIDAARSUSKORPUS greeceA Journey of Growth: Volunteering has expanded my horizons, honed my creative skills, and deepened my appreciation for diverse cultures. Volunteering with Balkan Hotspot offers a unique opportunity to explore creativity, engage with the community, and participate in podcasting, sharing the richness of Balkan culture. 

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