Noortevahetus / Youth Exchange

noortevahetus nyh eesti biohacking youth exchange erasmus+Name of the project: «BioHacking: Step 1”
Type of the project: Youth Exchange
Place: Paikuse (Pärnu).
Activity dates: 22-30 April 2023

Number of participants: 31 young people
Countries involved: Estonia, Czech Republic, Greece, Portugal, Italy.

Everyone has heard about hacking video games, smartphones or computers, but what about hacking your own body? “BioHacking: Step 1” Youth Exchange idea came from the desire to improve the body capacities using all-known methods. You probably heard that doing yoga is really healthy and if you wish to bring balance to your mental state, you should start practising it. Or what everyone around says about the influence of food on your body. The project helped to understand why it’s important.

noortevahetus nyh eesti biohacking youth exchange erasmus+This project helped to delve into the scientific part of this story to bring more understanding to how our daily routine affects our body and mind. By knowing the consequences of your habits, you will be able to get more motivated to make some changes in your life. Most BioHacking techniques are backed up by strong scientific evidence and long thorough research. Only such practices were introduced to participants throughout this youth exchange.

By practising different mindful techniques, young people had the opportunity to develop useful skills that would allow them to have better performance in various fields as well as learn ways to be more productive and balance out mental, phycological and physical aspects. By the end of the youth exchange, the participants became more aware of their physiological state and equipped with knowledge regarding the first steps of BioHacking, which will allow them to proceed and dig deeper into the topic in the future.

noortevahetus nyh eesti biohacking youth exchange erasmus+The participants explored the principle of BioHacking from three different perspectives: physical activity, nutrition, and mental health as well as were equipped with tips on how they can implement BioHacking on a daily basis. Young people and youth leaders were empowered to share knowledge with more people and equipped with tools to increase confidence and performance and focus on self-improvement. They analyzed the learning achievements and recognised learning progress in BioHacking tools as well.

Besides learning part, the project was about a lot of fun, beautiful nature, meeting new people, finding new friends and enjoying the moment. You can watch the reels and feel the atmosphere here:

Also you can cheek stories:

This Project was financed by European Commission’s Erasmus + Programme: