Noored Ühiskonna Heaks (NYH) is promoting a call for participants for a Training Course on Social Community Theatre which will take place from 1st until 8th July 2023 in Rabka-Zdrój, Poland.

“How can theatre -or arts in general- help me and/or my association build a stronger community? How can it contribute to social change?” 

This training course focuses on Social community theater- it is based on play and storytelling, proposed as two pillars for the construction of inclusive social relations and non-formal education: the game, appealing to the common experience lived by children, allows the young as adults to lower their defences, reduces the level of stress, identify in a community that does not judge but participates. At the same time, the game can unconsciously convey important concepts, such as gender equality, inclusion and respect for the rules. Our methodology, therefore, includes games drawn from theatrical pedagogy, non-verbal, more or less complex, to adapt according to the context of the intervention and the participants.


  • develop awareness of the tool of social community theatre;
  • support the creation of small artistic initiatives based on the topic of the Training Course;
  • support youth workers and artists to use artistic tools to raise awareness and help social change to happen;
  • strengthen the capacities of youth workers and the recognition of youth work.

Participant`s profile:

Artists, youth workers, educators, teachers, people with interest in the topic, who are 18 or older. People who could benefit from this training to enrich their work and to make it more valuable for society. 

The Erasmus + Programme will cover 100% of the accommodation, food and activities and will reimburse 100% of the travel costs for the participants – up to 275 EUR. There are 3 vacancies available. There will be a participation fee of 40 EUR per participant.

All interested people should fill out the application form below.


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