nooretevahetus youth exchange nyh italy ulyssesName of the project: “ULYSSES’’ Youth Exchange

Date: 12th September – 21st September 2022

City/Country: Montecchio Maggiore (VI), Italy.


What was the main topic of the event?

Aasa Ruukel Future plans and self development

Henri Kivi Overcoming the irrational self.

Hugo Tammepuu Finding the best possible career for ourselves

Maria-Eliise Muinaste Future and ourselves in it

Marion Pilv Our future, writing our own story

Triin Raspel Self development, future


nooretevahetus youth exchange nyh italy ulyssesWhat were the biggest learning moments of the event for you?

Aasa Ruukel Realising that the fact that I didn’t get into university this year is not the end of the world and I should not be discouraged by it and i will continue to make art and keep on working towards my future.

Henri Kivi Seeing the advantage of knowing more languages.

Hugo Tammepuu Learning about the counties of the other participants

Maria-Eliise Muinaste I really liked that we had a lot of time to do different activities. It took stress off of me and I felt that I enjoyed my day more and was more confident in myself. So now I also try to take things slower and enjoy the moment.

Marion Pilv Learning so much about all the different cultures of different countries

Triin Raspel Ulysses was my first project so everything was new to me and a “big lesson” in a way. After the project I realised that I speak better english and im a lot more confident with speaking it. Also I realised that speaking in front of many people isn’t as scary as i have always thought.


nooretevahetus youth exchange nyh italy ulyssesDo you have any plans to continue being active in the field? If yes, in which way?

Aasa Ruukel I would love to take part of other Erasmus+ projects in the future, and when I do get into university, I am also thinking about going abroad for a trimester through Erasmus as well:)

Henri Kivi No.

Hugo Tammepuu Yes, I would love to go on another one of those Erasmus+ trips

Maria-Eliise Muinaste Yes and I have also been, I’m just afraid that maybe I won’t have enough time to dedicate myself enough.

Marion Pilv I would love to participate in another youth exchange and help with exchanges taking place in Estonia

Triin Raspel Yes, I would like to participate in other future projects as well.


Would you recommend this experience to your friends? If yes, why? If no, why not?nooretevahetus youth exchange nyh italy ulysses

Aasa Ruukel Yes I would because it is a great way to meet new likeminded people from all around the world and figuring out your future plans and getting closer with yourself mentally.

Henri Kivi Yes, it was very fun.

Hugo Tammepuu Yes, because it’s almost free, and this way more educational then going on a conventional holiday

Maria-Eliise Muinaste Yes, because it was so different from my day to day life and it really gave me a new perspective on things. It also made me excited about my future rather than worried.

Marion Pilv Yes, I would, because it is very eye opening to be together with people from different countries

Triin Raspel Yes, I would. Getting out of your comfort zone, getting to know more about different cultures, socialising with so many new people your age, discovering a new country- it’s wonderful to have an opportunity like that. I learned so much throughout this whole project and im very thankful for it.


nooretevahetus youth exchange nyh italy ulyssesOther comments or anything else you would like to share? You can answer in your mother tongue, if you want!


Hugo Tammepuu Kõike hääd!

Maria-Eliise Muinaste It was such a nice experience, thank you! Definitely this year’s highlight.

Marion Pilv The food was great also:)

Triin Raspel Oli väga tore projekt! 🙂



This Project was financed by European Commission’s Erasmus + Programme