koolitus training course nyh portugal migrationName of the project: “Understanding Migration’’ Training Course

Date: 01st September – 11th September 2022

City/Country: Lisbon, Portugal.



What was the main topic of the event?

Loore-Liis Kauber Understanding migration processes in detail in Europe for youth workers.

Maria de Fatima Acha Suarez Migration in Europe.


koolitus training course nyh portugal migrationWhat were the biggest learning moments of the event for you?

Loore-Liis Kauber Even though I gained a lot of knowledge about the technical sides of migration and how to conduct a workshop as a youth worker, my biggest learning moment involved the experience of communicating with the other participants. For the first time in my life I was put into a situation with everyone being different from myself regarding looks but also styles of interacting with others as well as differentiating worldviews. I was noticed for being taller than the others and having light eyes and hair and also for being more quiet and reserved than the others at times. It was a situation I had never been in before and kind of a wake up call for me. Is this how immigrants feel all the time? Of course I was aware of the fact that most people when immigrating feel out of place because of having to learn another language, adapt different customs, creating new relationships etc but having to feel a small fraction of what they do, really made a difference in my way of thinking.

Maria de Fatima Acha Suarez Learning about migration institutions and their functions.


koolitus training course nyh portugal migrationDo you have any plans to continue being active in the field? If yes, in which way?

Loore-Liis Kauber Yes. Firstly, I would love to learn more about being a youth worker in general and improve my skillset by helping out in local youth centers or schools and shadow more experienced people in the field. Secondly, I would like to find my own way of helping those in need of guidance or support regarding migration (either on the side of migrating or the side of receiving migrants).

Maria de Fatima Acha Suarez I study issues of migration as an anthropologist and I would like to learn more to work with migrants in general.



Would you recommend this experience to your friends? If yes, why? If no, why not?

Loore-Liis Kauber –  I would definitely recommend Erasmus+ projects to my friends because it gives you the experience and knowledge you can’t even imagine before having done a project yourself. Even more so, if it’s your first Erasmus experience. I feel like every piece of the program opened up the world a little bit more for me.

Maria de Fatima Acha Suarez I would absolutely recommend it to them because of the multicultural environment and the learning outcomes.


koolitus training course nyh portugal migrationOther comments or anything else you would like to share? You can answer in your mother tongue, if you want!

Loore-Liis Kauber For those who aren’t sure if they are ready for the challenge – send the application and do it! You will have a wonderful eye-opening experience :))

Maria de Fatima Acha Suarez Muchísimas gracias por la bella experiencia!




This Project was financed by European Commission’s Erasmus + Programme