nyh volunteering teams greece argo faros tou kosmouNoored Ühiskonna Heaks (NYH) is promoting call for participants for European Solidarity Corps (ESC) Volunteering Team projects in Thessaloniki, Greece.



About the Vacancy  – Faros tou Kosmou, 10th January – 5th March 2023
The volunteering team will support USB, and its local partner organisation Faros tou Kosmou in the support and inclusion of disadvantaged minorities in Greece (like the Roma community). The volunteers will support the integration of these people through the following methods:

  • Providing educational activities to Roma children who cannot count with their parents.
  • Tackling sensitive topics related to the discrimination of the Roma community like the general relation between social inequalities and covid-19 vulnerability, the importance of a healthy lifestyle etc.
  • Delivering educational activities for children and youth to foster inclusion.
  • Organizing events to promote inclusion (intercultural and sport events)

The volunteering team will support USB, and its local partner organisation Faros tou Kosmou in the support and inclusion of disadvantaged minorities in Greece (like the Roma community). The participants will develop their skills on dealing with cultural barriers, overcoming stereotypes, working with children and disadvantaged groups, as well as expressing themselves.

Volunteer’s Profile
We are looking for participants aged 18-30, who are legally residing in Estonia and have registered in the European Solidarity Corps Portal, with interest in media topics with motivation to join the activity. Relevant skills and knowledge of media tools is appreciated, but not required for participants. Volunteers in this activity should also be aware that they will be called to engage in some physical type of volunteering work (planting, plowing, harvesting…). The program is Volunteering Teams and doesn’t exclude you for individual ESC long term or short term. The working program will be 6 hours per day, normally from Monday to Friday. It might be possible that the participants will be asked to work on weekends in case specific events are going to be organised. In that case volunteers will have extra free days within the week.

The volunteer will be cover by a Cigna Group Medical and Non-Medical Insurance Plan that is covered by found of ESC project.

Youthpass is the official recognition tool for non-formal & informal learning in youth projects. Through this, participants of Erasmus+ and European Solidarity Corps projects can describe what they have done and show what they have learnt. Volunteers have to keep a diary of their activities and learning in order to fill it properly at the end of their project. The Mentor is also responsible for the Youthpass and will support the volunteers throughout the process.

Food Policy & Pocket Money
We provide our volunteers with three meals per day through a catering service that prepares the food according to their preferences and allergies (there are also vegan and vegetarian options). We collaborate with a local catering service so that the volunteers will have the possibility to get in contact with the Greek cuisine and culture, but at the same time on Saturdays and Sundays they can cook and enjoy their own food. In the weekly days the House Manager will prepare the breakfast. The kitchen is always available for the volunteers if they want to cook something more or add ingredients to their food. The volunteers will also get a pocket money of 150 euro per month for their personal expenses.

Coordinating Organisation (United Societies of Balkans) will be responsible of the practical arrangements (accommodation, food, tickets, welcoming). The travel costs are covered by the project until a limit based on the distance between Thessaloniki and the hometown of the volunteer. Travel costs (return trip) will be reimbursed up to 360 €. The participant need to buy their tickets and will get the refund as soon as possible when we receive their tickets.

About City: Thessaloniki
Thessaloniki is the second biggest city in Greece, and it is located in the Northeast part of the country. It is a coastal city full of life, with a lots of young people and students. It has served as the European Youth Capital in 2014. It is also a city with a long history and tradition. It has always been a crossroad between the West and the East and a trading harbor for many Balkan countries. It embraces many immigrants and cultural groups from many areas of the wider region of the Balkans, which renders it a colorful mosaic of cultures and trends. More information is available on the website of the municipality: www.thessalonikicity.gr

How to apply for the project

  • CV
  • Motivation Letter (It needs to be prepared specifically for this project.)

There are 2 vacancies available, and participants should be between 18-30 years old.

After you prepare documents above, you should send them via email to our contact person- Marco Santos- with subject of ‘‘Volunteering-Greece02’’: marco@nyh.ee

Application deadline: ASAP

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