Koolitus / Training Course

koolitus nyh eesti youth voice erasmus+ estonia Name of the project: YOUth are the Voice
Type of the project: Training Course
Place: Vanaõue Puhkekeskus, Viljandi
Activity dates: 17-25 April 2022

Number of participants: 28 youth workers and activists
Countries involved: Estonia, Austria, Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary, Greece, Italy, Portugal, Turkey, Spain.
Social media is a huge part of people’s lives in today’s world, this fact we can not change a lot. What we can change is how this is used. 
YOUth are the Voice is a training course for youth workers, young professionals and activists aiming to learn different methods and strategies to use social media effectively for campaigning. 
koolitus nyh eesti youth voice erasmus+ estonia The participants attended workshops about photography, video making, spotting fake news, how to write in order to touch your audience’s hearts AND minds, etc. 

The participants were separated into different groups, given a historical event and the task for the majority of the training was to rethink. What would that look like if they would have had access to the “power of the internet” in the past?
koolitus nyh eesti youth voice erasmus+ estonia The aim of the project was for people working with a wider public to improve and learn how to put their work and values in a digital form that positively influences the audience.
We made videos throughout the project so make sure to take a look:
Check out also the opinions and thoughts of some of our participants and trainers:
Instagram stories:
This Project was financed by European Commission’s Erasmus + Programme:  http://noored.ee/