koolitus training course nyh romania racismName of the project: “A Society Without Racism’’ Training Course

Date: 31st March – 06th April 2022

City/Country: Novaci, Romania



What was the main topic of the event?

Anna Weidebaum – Racism

Anastasia Avramchuk – The issue of refugees, migration, racism, discrimination, human rights violations were among the main issues that were addressed in the youth exchange.

Liisi Tee – Discrimination and racism in today´s society


koolitus training course nyh romania racismWhat were the biggest learning moments of the event for you?

Anna Weidebaum – The immigration game

Anastasia Avramchuk – I learned that there is a positive discrimination

Liisi Tee – Talking about the specific problems in our countries and brainstorming possible solutions for them



koolitus training course nyh romania racismDo you have any plans to continue being active in the field? If yes, what?

Anna Weidebaum – Kind of, but don’t know how

Anastasia Avramchuk – The aim of the project was to increase the level of acceptance and integration in the society of migrants / refugees through multicultural harmonization based on sustainable methods of building a society without racism and in which the rights of all people are respected. In Estonia it is really important to talk about the refugees and acceptance because of the political situation in Europe, so I am doing my best to explain to the other people, why they should feel more empathy for the others in a difficult situations.

Liisi Tee – Perhaps participating other projects with similar topics and compare and connect them with the experience from this project


koolitus training course nyh romania racismWould you recommend it to your friends? If yes, why? If not, why not?

Anna Weidebaum – Yes! Made new friends and was fun

Anastasia Avramchuk – I would definitely recommend this experience to my friends, because this project was one of the first places where I had opportunity to see how people from a totally different cultures with different beliefs and worldviews, can have beautiful conversations about different topics, enjoy  time together and at the same time gain new knowledge by the fun kinaesthetic way, carrying out physical activities, rather than listening to a lecture or watching demonstrations. I think that projects like this show us the perfect picture of little ideal multicultural society where everyone is needed, waited, loved and heard, I really appreciate it and it gives me hope that one day I will see multicultural society which would be as big as our world, and there will be no war, discrimination or racism- its my dream. And project like this is a little happy island, where the dream comes true.  And actually now I have so much new friends all over the world due to this project, its amazing and i love it.

Liisi Tee –  Yes, it gave me a lot of confidence in myself and challenged me to try and actually find real solutions which helped me understand that I truly would be capable of that. Additionally, I now have useful connections with organizations from other countries.


This Project was financed by European Commission’s Erasmus + Programme