nyh esc solidarity corps france europeNoored Ühiskonna Heaks (NYH) is promoting calls for participants for European Solidarity Corps projects (ESC) which will take place from 24th August 2022 until 31st July 2023 in Le Mans, France.




About 440 pupils study at the technical college «Lycée professional Joseph Roussel». Located in the city center of Le Mans, we provide courses specialized in Social Care, Healthcare as well as Mass Catering. Our technical college has always been developing international partnerships and organizing language and cultural exchanges in Spain and the United Kingdom as well as internships in Spain and Greece to develop students’ cultural openness. Our project is to develop students’ European awareness too and help them to open up more and more to the world and others. You’ll be part of this European adventure!


The volunteer will be involved in the various activities of the college:

  • Your role is to promote Europe and your country among students (through socio-educational activities, language workshops and refresher courses, a Club Europe) and help the college in forging links with other schools and thus, create new working or mobility partnerships.
  • You will manage the Europe corner, in collaboration with the librarian, and work on communication actions (website of the college, blog, Facebook page, the press).
  • You will be invited to develop Europe-related games and recreational activities over lunchtime.
  • You will especially work on mobility programs: encourage students to take part in a European experience and promote mobility in Europe through the Language Club and the European section, support students in writing their application form (CV, cover letter), brief them before departure, follow-up, develop the optional Euromobipro mobility section. You will intervene during Individualized Support sessions to help students and take part in collaborative projects, Etwinning for instance.
  • You will come along with students to any exterior visit (+ travels and stays in France and abroad, professional mobility abroad).
  • You will take part in any key event of the school: Welcome Days in September, Olympiads (September), Christmas, Careers Fair (February), Carnival, Open Day (March), Day of Talents (April), Europe Day, etc. Any other suggestion will be appreciated for the European Day of Languages or Erasmus Days.
  • In addition, the volunteer will work on some common projects with the 11 other European volunteers staying in Sarthe with the Maison de l’Europe which is the coordinator of these European Solidarity Corps projects.

For more information about the project, you can check the Infopack_ESC in Lycée Joseph Roussel



The local training centres are called: the “Maisons Familiales Rurales” or MFR (literary translated as the “rural family houses”). The volunteer will work in one of the 6 MFRs. Each MFR hosts young pupils, have difficulties with the French traditional school system and who are looking for a new way of learning. The MFRs are all located in Sarthe and each MFR is located in a different village.

One of the challenges of this project is to bring Europe in rural areas toward pupils who have no knowledge at all about Europe and its countries. Therefore, the transports issue is important and all applicants must have a driving license. You can choose to apply for the 6 vacancies, or choose specific training centres regarding the topics of the diplomas prepared by the pupils (healthcare, forest…) for example.

For more information about ESC in MFR Coulans-sur-Gée, you can check the Infopack_ESC in MFR Coulans-sur-Gée

For more information about ESC in MFR Thorigné-sur-Dué, you can check the Infopack_ESC in MFR Thorigné-sur-Dué

For more information about ESC in ESC in MFR Fyé, you can check the Infopack_ESC in MFR Fyé

For more information about ESC in MFR Verneil-le-Chétif, you can check the Infopack_ESC in MFR Verneil-le-Chétif

For more information about ESC in MFR La Ferté-Bernard, you can check the Infopack_ESC in MFR La Ferté-Bernard



With more than 140,000 inhabitants, the city of Le Mans is the biggest city in the department! Famous throughout the world for its sports competitions, Le Mans also conceals heritage treasures and offers major cultural events. The city, which has preserved its natural side, is perfectly served by different types of transport. Today, the city of Le Mans apply for the inclusion of the medieval rampart as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. In this lovely city we are offering two different ESC projects within municipal services: in the child and youth service, and in the event and external relations service.

In the child and youth service

  • Your role will be to propose after school activities to the children of primary schools.
  • You will be in contact with teachers and students in secondary schools to promote European Union, solidarity and mobility programs.
  • You will help to organize youth activites, events and festivals taking place during weekends (about art and music) or school holidays (organisation of sports courses, photo-press-radio session, and other!).
  • You can contribute to inform and organise activities for young people (exhibition, language exchange, video contest…) in the Youth Information Point of the city and you will invite to share about your experience as European volunteer.


In the event and external relations service

  • Your role will be to assist the team in the creation of communication tools going to welcome new residents and tourists.
  • You would be in close contact with the «pole of attractiveness» which aims to boost tourism.
  • You will assist the development of twinnings between the city of Le Mans and its partners (in Germany, UK, Russia, Greece, Japan, China …)
  • You will work on the development of new partnerships with future twinning

For more information about ESC in Le Mans (in the child and youth Service), you can check the Infopack_ESC in Le Mans (in the child and youth Service)

For more information about ESC in Le Mans (in the event and external relations Service), you can check the Infopack_ESC in Le Mans (in the event and external relations Service)


ESC in the community center of Le Grand Lucé


The volunteer will take part to youth activities for 11/17 years old, mainly, in addition with qualified animators. Here are some activities waiting for you:

1- Workshops on Wednesdays at the social center for youth and during their school holidays: the volunteer will participate in the organization, the choice of activities, the preparation, the animation of activities…

2- Other tasks with secondary schools, partners and with the inhabitants:

  • Go to middle school and play with people aged between 11 and 17 years old, introduce people to them, interact with the public in an informal way, etc.
  • Specific interventions in schools to present volunteering and European mobility.
  • Accompaniment of young people in the definition of their personal projects and possibility of accompanying them during holiday stays.
  • Participation in local events to promote European mobility (youth festival / library) and leading activities around the Europe Union and its Member States: activities / exhibition / cooking…
  • Participation in meetings and discussion times with teams, partners, networks.
  • Implementation of other projects according to the wishes of the volunteer.

For more information about ESC in the community center of Le Grand Lucé, you can check the Infopack_ESC in the community center of Le Grand Lucé


ESC in Sablé-sur-Sarthe

The volunteer will be involved in the various activities of the municipality.

1- Tasks in the schools:

  • Lead activities and workshops in schools in partnerships with teachers from primary and middle schools.
  • Help children between 6 and 10 years old to do their homework after school.
  • Inform middle and high schools on mobility opportunities for youngsters.

2- Tasks with the Associative and Citizen Life service:

  • Support the preparation of public events: intercultural festival of Sablé-sur-Sarthe (September), Carnival (March), Citizens’ Day (April), Music Fest (June).
  • Contribute to organize activities for young people (Pizza-blabla, tea-time…) in the Youth Information Point of the city and sharings about your experience.
  • Take part to some European events (Europe Day, Conference on the Future of Europe, Green Deal activities…).

For more information about ESC in Sablé-sur-Sarthe, you can check the Infopack_ESC in Sablé-sur-Sarthe


ESC in the community center of Mont-sur-Loir

The Social Center is a space dedicated to residents. It is a local space, open to all, without discrimination, offering a friendly welcome. The teams made up of volunteers and professionals offer activities, entertainment and services that promote involvement, taking on responsibility, discovery and autonomy. It has set up participatory projects so that the inhabitants take initiatives, carry out actions that concern all generations from early childhood to the elderly, including the family. The actions developed can take various forms: cultural, sporting, educational, preventive development actions, support actions for people in and the fight against all exclusions.

Many events encouraging the participation of the inhabitants and the social bond are proposed: Youth festival, game festival, environmental festival, peace festival…

Here are some activities waiting for you:

1- With children (3 years to 11 years): Leisure receptions without accommodation, every Wednesday, during short holidays and summer.

2- With teenager (12 to 17 years old): A room made available to young people and managed by them with the support of facilitators. Organization of actions and activities for the teenagers of the territory. Intervention and preventive actions in schools. Development of holiday and leisure projects, youth exchanges.

3- With families and all audiences: Committees for activities and actions involving the participation of residents and association partners (aging well, adolescents, social action, etc.). Organization and participation in local events (comic, peace festival, game festival, garden festival, etc.), partnership actions for prevention and information.)

For more information about ESC in the community center of Mont-sur-Loir, you can check the Infopack_ESC INFOPACK Montval


How to apply for the project(s)

There are 11 vacancies available and participants should be between 18-30 years old.

After you prepare documents above, you should send them via email to our contact person- Marco Santos- with subject of ‘‘ESC-France’’: marco@nyh.ee


Application deadline: 31 May 2022

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