Strateegiline Partnerlus / Strategic Partnership


strategic partnership strateegiline partnerlus nyh eesti estonia teachersName of the project: “The Teachers Way”  

Type of the Project: Strategic Partnership

Date: 01.02.2020 – 01.03.2022

Countries Involved: Estonia, France, Italy, Lithuania, North Macedonia, and Romania



The Teachers Way project was brought to life by a consortium of youth workers and informal schooling experts from six European nations, France, Italy, Estonia, North Macedonia, Lithuania, and Romania, to create and present new ways of teaching methods. It recognizes and inspects the different configurations of out-of-school education reforms involving educators. The project objective was to effectively include teachers in the instructive cycle by directing specific non-formal exercises, for example, project-based learning, diverse classroom management strategies, and techniques.

strategic partnership strateegiline partnerlus nyh eesti estonia teachers

It aims to broaden and build up teachers’ abilities, prepare and offer an “Intellectual output – the Toolkit” for teachers and “Learning Platform” utilized by the grown-up mentors and instructors to set up the training for educators.

The innovative element of the Teachers Way project is based on presenting the ideas and options to teachers to involve them actively in the education of their pupils. Projects show different forms of teachers’ activities, including good practices in the partner and other countries, and prepare the training for trainers and training materials for trainers and teachers on how to work with the child. 

Our team met almost 70 people here in Estonia, including teachers, stakeholders, and trainers, to share the good practices and information. Go check it out yourself also:


Besides doing a great job with the learning platform and toolkit, we made good partners and new connections for future projects. You want to hear more about KA2 projects, write to us:

This Project was financed by European Commission’s Erasmus + Programme.