Noortevahetus / Youth Exchange

noortevahetus nyh eesti peaceful leaders youth exchange erasmus+Name of the project: Peaceful Leaders

Type of the project: Youth Exchange

Place: Vanaõue Puhkekeskus, Viljandi

Activity dates: 22-30 March 2022

Number of participants: 31 young people

Countries involved: Estonia, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Spain and Hungary


noortevahetus nyh eesti peaceful leaders youth exchange erasmus+Young people who are in leading positions in different groups should know what does it really mean to be a leader and what are the qualities that they should improve.

Peaceful leaders Youth Exchange put young people to play a role of a facilitator who knows methods of youth involvement, mostly by using mindful methods.

Every participant had a chance to lead a workshop with a topic chosen by their national teams. The activities were based on non-formal and experiential learning methodologies, all centered on different aspects of mindfulness and leadership.

noortevahetus nyh eesti peaceful leaders youth exchange erasmus+Participants attended workshops about senses, active listening, communication, conflicts and so much more. All of those were led of course by participants themselves.

The aim of the project was to improve the quality of youth activities by providing space for young people to develop their competences, focusing on inner peace, motivation and learning support.



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This Project was financed by European Commission’s Erasmus + Programme