Anna-Luisa Lekštedt EUROOPA SOLIDAARSUSKORPUS itaalia italyName: Anna-Luisa Lekštedt
Age: 20 years old.
Region/city: Rae Vald/ Jüri
Activity dates: 19.01.22-10.03.22
Total months of volunteering: 2 months

Hosting country: Italy
Hosting organisation: Vulcanicamente

Main activities :

Our project is called Anna-Luisa Lekštedt EUROOPA SOLIDAARSUSKORPUS itaalia italy‘‘Connecting the community 4’’ It is the fourth of its kind. Our main activities as volunteers were creating our own project to connect the community in San Cesario di Lecce. Before going through with the project, we went around the city and met with many locals, having short interviews and helping them out with different tasks. For our hosting organization we wrote blogposts and shot some videos.

We had to organize and facilitate two non-formal education workshops for high school students. Topics we chose were first-aid and creative thinking.

Half of the week we spent with our mentor and collaborating organization, helping to open a bike repair- shop. There we learned a lot about bicycles, for example how to fix minor problems. As well as bringing home grown vegetables to another organization that makes food-packs for homeless people.

Every Friday we helped the local library, biking around Lecce and bringing books to children.

Anna-Luisa Lekštedt EUROOPA SOLIDAARSUSKORPUS itaalia italy

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