koolitus training course nyh estonia entrepreneurship Name of the project: “GREENday” (YEES) Training Course

Date: 02nd February till 09th February 2022

City/Country: Viljandi, Estonia


What was the main topic of the event?

Ave-Marleen Aesma The project was about training to start your own environment-friendly start-up

Carol Väljaots – Green entrepreneurship and start ups

Kristi Tornius – Youth entrepreneurship/ environmental start-ups

Tija-Mare Sihvart – Green entrepreneurship


What was the biggest learning moments on the event for you?koolitus training course nyh estonia entrepreneurship

Ave-Marleen Aesma Getting the business plan template. To really have the questions in front of me that I need to answer about my business and giving deeper thought into why and how I’m gonna do it.

Carol Väljaots – There were a lot of different learning moments. I was able to discover more about myself as a leader, as a team member, what are my ambitions and which are my weaknesses. I also got the tools that I need for creating my business in an effective way – business canva, matrix, pestel etc.

Kristi Tornius – How to make a business plan and how many details actually need to be sorted out.

Tija-Mare Sihvart – I found the various forms of organising your business plan to be the most helpful – I had so many thoughts that it was hard to make sense of them sometimes. Now I can move forward with a clear vision.


koolitus training course nyh estonia entrepreneurship Do you have any plans to continue active in the field? If yes, what?

Ave-Marleen Aesma Yes, I’m gonna start my own business and use the knowledge I got from the project

Carol Väljaots – Yes, since it’s a KA2 project then we will have two more trainings during this year in order to develop all the nessesary skills (upcoming trainings are about marketing and circular economy). Other than that I am already active in youth field but now getting more into the business world which I’m very excited about.

Kristi Tornius – Not at the moment.

Tija-Mare Sihvart – Certainly! The project inspired and motivated me with proof that what I want to do (opening up a museum) is very much viable. What might have stayed a dream is now truly in the works, even if it does require quite a lot more effort and time before it can be put into action seen by the rest of the world. But I am excited for it!


Would you recommend it to your friends? If yes, why? If not, why not?koolitus training course nyh estonia entrepreneurship

Ave-Marleen Aesma Yes. I gained a lot of new knowledge and templates that are very useful. Also, the group was amazing! I got so inspired by listening other people’s ideas and it motivated me to do better as well and even got some new ideas for my business. Definitely worth applying for.

Carol Väljaots – YES and YES. It’s an amazing way of learning. No matter what the project is about in the end, if you chose a certain topic then you will get the tools and resources that you need in order to get more knowledge.

Kristi Tornius – Absolutely, because knowing how to create your own start-up is an extremely valuable knowledge our youth can have.

Tija-Mare Sihvart – Definitely. Being able to take part of this was a huge privilege, and I would recommend it to anyone that has the opportunity – you will learn a lot and you will meet such fantastically good people. I myself intend to keep an eye out for similar opportunities in the future!


This Project was financed by European Commission’s Erasmus + Programme