Tuuli Lepland EUROOPA SOLIDAARSUSKORPUS sloveenia slovenia Name: Tuuli Lepland

Age: 26 years old.

Region/City: Tartu



Activity Dates: 15.01.2022 – 29.08.2022

Total Months of Volunteering: 7.5 months

Hosting Country: Slovenia

Hosting Organisation: Familija

Main Activities :

Spending time/ hanging out with kids – I work in a day-care center where children come after school. So, there’s a lot of activities we can do: talking, playing board games/ ping-pong/ table football, drawing, colouring pictures, some other workshops (e.g. cooking) with the kids.

Helping kids with homework – I can help children with math, English or some other homework that don’t require that much Slovene and I can explain things in English. This involves one-on-one type of interactions where I focus on only one kid.

Creating new workshops and following through with them – I sometimes required to create my own workshops that the kids can get involved in. So, for example, I do an art project or I go to the gym andTuuli Lepland EUROOPA SOLIDAARSUSKORPUS sloveenia slovenia teach a dance routine to kids. There are a lot of possibilities in creating different workshops and it’s best to try to be as creative as possible so the children would have fun and they would learn something new from the activity. Administration of my work – I should write about my daily activities.

Also, I sometimes required to write down which workers/kids were in the center, what I did, etc. promotion of volunteering – it’s best to be active as a volunteer, so talking about my experience with the local community, writing articles about it, is great. Also, organizations sometimes want me to promote volunteering, so for example I might post pictures on social media about my activities.

Tuuli Lepland EUROOPA SOLIDAARSUSKORPUS sloveenia slovenia
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