Koolitus / Training Course

koolitus nyh eesti  power storytelling erasmus+ estoniaName of the project: The Power of Storytelling Training Course

Type of the project: Mobility of Youth Workers

Place: Roosta Puhkekula – Estonia

Activity dates: 02nd – 10th December 2021

Number of participants: 28 youth workers

Countries involved: Estonia, Czech Republic, France, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Lithuania, Portugal, Romania, Slovenia and Spain.

koolitus nyh eesti  power storytelling erasmus+ estonia

How to use ‘Storytelling’’ as an innovative tool? One of the most common phenomena which consist of hate speech and online violence ‘cyberbullying’ and how does it affect young people?

All of these topics were discussed during the training course “The Power of Storytelling”, which developing storytelling about intolerance and raising awareness of youth workers for European Migrant crisis in media.

Small groups prepared stories for young people to be critical media user as opposite racism and hate speech on media also promote inspiring good practices of how to use them in non formal education in youth work.

koolitus nyh eesti  power storytelling erasmus+ estoniaThe activities were based on non-formal and experiential learning methodologies, all centered on different aspects of Storytelling. During the project being worked on the most classic and traditional forms (sitting around the fire) to the most contemporary, like cinema, comics and videogames.

The project intends to share and empower youth workers to the absolute POWER of storytelling methods. Its focus and addressing the most significant need seen in the youth work now, connected to the European migrant crisis and the rising signs of intolerance, racism, and discrimination in the society, and mainly in media. The need perceived in young people is to counteract the mainstream media, which fuels intolerance and fear and provides them with tools to share their stories!


This Project was financed by European Commission’s Erasmus + Programme    http://noored.ee/