anna chernysheva russia solidarity corps eesti estonia nõo noortekeskusName: Anna Chernysheva

Age: 26 years old

Country/city of origin: Moscow, Russia





Activity Dates: 03rd January 2022 until 31st August 2022

Total Months of Volunteering: 8 months

Hosting city in Estonia: Nõo, Tartu County

Hosting organisation: Nõo Noortekeskus

Main activities:

Nõo Youth Center is a place where local youngsters are always welcomed to spend their after schoolanna chernysheva russia solidarity corps eesti estonia nõo noortekeskus time and can participate in various fun activities, play board games, improve their cooking skills, bring their creative ideas to life, and simply socialize.

Nõo Noortekeskus attracts children and teenagers of all ages, so we have a really diverse team. Together with the youth workers, I plan weekly activities, help to organize them, provide cooking classes, help youngsters to practice their English, and am always there to provide support. We are focusing on attracting more youngsters to our Youth Center and are actively promoting hobby education in our respectful area.

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