nyh esc solidarity corps italy agoratecaNoored Ühiskonna Heaks (NYH) is promoting a call for participants for a Volunteering European Solidarity Corps (ESC) Team project from 7th March to 29th March 2022 which will take place in two different places in Altamura in South-Italy.


About Hosting Organisation: Agorateca

Agorateca, managed by Associazione Link since June 2019, is a public space where it is possible to study, read, consult and borrow books; the place hosts workshops, seminars and creative activities for children and adults. There is also an urban garden, whose objective is to be a center of aggregation, the garden is cared for by the inhabitants of the neighborhood and all who attend the library.

In the garden are developed activities related to creative recycling, construction of greenhouse and street furniture to create a small park for children of the city. Activities may also include cooperation with other local organizations active in the field of environmental protection or working with migrants, or in the field of handcrafts and entrepreneurship to valorize local traditions.

The library also hosts a web radio and part of the activities with volunteers include the creation of podcasts to promote European programs and solidarity projects.


The activities will take place at the Agorateca, community library of Altamura, managed by the Link Association since June 2019. Agorateca is a public space where it is possible to study, read and consult books; the place hosts workshops, seminars and creative activities for children and adults and hosts.

There is also an urban garden, whose goal is to be a center of aggregation, the garden can be cared for by the inhabitants of the neighborhood and by all those who frequent the library. In the garden, activities related to creative recycling, construction of greenhouses and street furniture are developed to create a small park for the children of the city, in particular:

– Garden care

– Planting of new plants for the summer harvest

– Clean up the neighborhood

– Construction of garden furniture (with wood and mainly recycled material);


About Hosting Organisation: Oasi San Giovanni

Oasi San Giovanni is a private dormitory. It is a few kilometers far from Altamura. To reach the place, the Link organization’s means of transport will be used. Oasi San Giovanni is used during the summer for volunteer activities and Erasmus + projects. The space provides dormitories with beds, a large kitchen and meeting room, with air-conditioned, for different activities, and a huge garden.


The volunteers, together with Link’s staff, will give a new look to the dormitories, through maintenance activities of restyling of the rooms and spaces (painting the walls, construction of garden furniture, maintenance of fixtures, etc.)

Accommodation, Food and Transport Arrangements

The volunteer’s flat of Altamura is settled in the city center. The flat has a living room, a shared bathroom and a kitchen where the volunteers can prepare meals on their own. The house is equipped with independent heating and washing machine. There is no Wi-Fi in the apartment, but you can use the connection in the Agorateca. Volunteers will stay in a shared room. The volunteers are asked to take care of the house and all the furniture and objects in it. The volunteers are responsible for cleaning the house. The flat will be checked by Link’s staff. In case of damage, volunteers must reimburse all the expenses.

The hosting organization will provide a weekly sum for food of 35,00 € and the volunteer gets the pocket money every beginning of the month, 5,00 € per day. 

The European Solidarity Corps Programme will cover 100% of the accommodation, food and activities and will reimburse 100% of the travel costs for the participants – up to 360 euros. 


The volunteer will be cover by a Cigna Group Medical and Non-Medical Insurance Plan that is covered by found of ESC project.



Young people between 18 and 30 years old who are legally residing in a Estonia. Moreover, people who have already done an individual ESC can apply. 


Due to the pandemic, participation will be limited to volunteers who are already vaccinated (with the Booster Green Pass) following the anti-covid rules of the moment. Remember to check the needs to reach Italy from your country (PLF, Covid-test). However, we will follow the evolution of the pandemic and inform consequently the applicants and the selected volunteers before their departure.


About City: Altamura

Altamura is divided into two parts: the city and the historical centre. In the old town, you can visit the cathedral, the unique church in Puglia commissioned by Federico II diSvevia in the year 1232. It is the most important monument of the city together with the square around it. The summer the city centre is populated by young people and tourist which enjoy spending time drinking and eating Italian specialities such as ice-cream. The city has 70.000 inhabitants, but it is quite small, so it is possible to reach every point by foot or by bike.


How to apply for the project

  • CV in English
  • Motivation Letter (It needs to be prepared specifically for this project.)

There is 2 vacancies available and participants should be between 18-30 years old. (Young people with fewer opportunities are welcome.)

After you prepare documents above, you should send them via email to our contact person- Marco Santos- with subject of ‘‘ESC-Italy’’: marco@nhy.ee


Application deadline: 8th February 2022


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