tanya gall france solidarity corps eesti estonia lasteaed mudilaName: Tanya Le Gall Weisz

Age: 22 years old

Country/city of origin: Brittany, France






 Activity Dates: 03rd January until 03rd July 2022

Total Months of Volunteering: 6 months

Hosting city in Estonia: Tallinn

Hosting organization: Tallinna Lasteaed Mudila

Main activities: 

Volunteering in a kindergarten

At the moment, I’m in a group of children from 3 to 5 years old. In the morning I help with different types of activities; learning games and drawing most of the time

then at the end of the morning, I go out and look after the children with the other teachers and volunteers outside and play with them

we spend a lot of time outside otherwise, I share my language with the children and teachers and learn from their language

I also assist during nap time, read them stories and help the teachers with multi-tasks things such as organizing and cleaning the rooms and preparing the activities ect

We are 4 adults in my group including me, I will switch into other groups from the kindergarten during the next 6 months to get to see every group and how the day differs from one group to another


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