triin taal EUROOPA SOLIDAARSUSKORPUS portugal Name: Triin Taal

Age: 23 years old 

Region/City: Viljandi vald 



Activity Dates: 1.10.2021 – 26.09.2022



Total Months of Volunteering: 12 months

Hosting Country: Portugal

triin taal EUROOPA SOLIDAARSUSKORPUS portugal Hosting Organisation: Casa Pia de Lisboa (in Permanent Foster Home). Casa Pia de Lisboa (CPL) is a public institute whose mission is to promote the rights and protection of children and young people, especially those in danger and at risk of exclusion and with special educational needs, in order to ensure their development through reception, education, training and social and professional insertion.

Main Activities Developed: 

As a volunteer my main task is to do different activities with the kids. These activities can be part of everyday life (such as dentist appointments and homeworks) but also something more special. Casa Pia wants volunteers to add some extra value to the kids’ lives that are living there. Something that educators can’t give or don’t have time for. 

To build a connection with all of the kids, I have done very different activities at the foster home. We have cooked together, watched movies, played ping-pong and table football, learned Portuguese together, sang, played bowling, went to the theater and much more.  During that time, I have learned how to play PlayStation, do halloween make-up, style afro-hair, dance funk, teach to play piano and how to celebrate portuguese holidays. 

triin taal EUROOPA SOLIDAARSUSKORPUS portugal The work can be as interesting as you make it! If you are willing to think of and do more things they will always be excited to participate. Recently, on the International Day of Tolerance, I made a poster with them where we put down what tolerance means to every one of us. Now the poster is printed and stands on the foster home’s wall. I guess this is my main goal: to bring something interesting or/and fun to them every day 🙂 

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