lineta mskhaladze georgia solidarity corps eesti estonia hellik nurseryName of volunteer: Lineta Mskhaladze

Country and City of Origin: Georgia, Tbilisi 



Activity Dates: 06.11.21 – 31.08.22

Total Months of Volunteering: 10 months 

Hosting city in Estonia: : Tallinn

Hosting organisation: Hellik Nursery 


Description of activities & tasks that you have: lineta mskhaladze georgia solidarity corps eesti estonia hellik nursery

My first month was full of adventures because I learned and discovered a lot and I also try to put up with the weather and not give in to the wind. As for my host organization it is very awesome. I had activities in the garden with the kids I also learned what to do and what the kids like most. I have also been actively involved in Estonian lessons and I try to learn more words in Estonian every day. In communication with children, I learn the language more quickly. I actively participate in playing with children both inside and outside.   

I think volunteering is the best thing to do to change yourself and help others. In my free time I went to several places in Tallinn, visited the old town and the streets. For the next month I already know what to plan and what to do because I think this month was enough to learn and get used to.


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