nooretevahetus youth exchange nyh prnatsusmaa france danceName of the project: Dance Mediation Youth Exchange

Date: 13th till 21st of September

City/Country: Montelimar, France



What was the main topic of the event?

Eliis Mätas To develop intercultural dialogue, tolerance, mutual respect, solidarity of young people from different countries and backgrounds by implementing their creative capacities around this collective project.

Alina Spiridonova Violence in the society

Maili Kukke  – Distancing the violence with movement and mediation

Sofia Senichenkova – Violence against women and self-expression trough dancenooretevahetus youth exchange nyh prnatsusmaa france dance


What was the biggest learning moments on the event for you?

Eliis Mätas- Understanding that with small imperceptible steps, it is possible to move from zero confidence to complete self-satisfaction, non-violence and self-confidence.

Alina Spiridonova There are always things that are in common between different people with different nationalities

Maili Kukke  – In the project I was inspired to host my own dance workshop, so that was a huge win for me.

Sofia Senichenkova I learned about reggaeton dance as well as other movement practices of African origin which were new to my body. I became more aware of existing methods of psychological abuse I never heard of. And now I also know Bulgarian banitsa pastry is delicious!

nooretevahetus youth exchange nyh prnatsusmaa france dance

Do you have any plans to continue active in the field? If yes, what?

Eliis Mätas- Yeah, sure. I would like to participate more in local and abroad exchanges. Also, I would like to coordinate more youth exchanges myself.

Maili Kukke   Yes, in terms of dancing I won´t leave it, but if it means in terms of attending the projects the sure why not, if the theme interests me.

Sofia Senichenkova I am considering participating another project in the future, as well as sharing the information about NÜH activities among friends who might also be interested.


Would you recommend it to your friends? I yes, why? If not, why not?nooretevahetus youth exchange nyh prnatsusmaa france dance

Eliis Mätas-  Yes, I would because the place were we stayed was very pretty and great. Also, people were very friendly and helpful. The project met all the goals and my expectations.

Alina Spiridonova I would recommend to go to erasmus + projects but not in France, because in France is bad organization of everything. But still it was a very good opportunity to learn something new, to meet new people and improve English communication skills

Maili Kukke   I think that all of the Erasmus+ experiences are very different, but it is important to be courageous and step in to the unknown. Although this exact project wasn´t as good as I imagined, I still gained some valuable knowledge about myself.

Sofia Senichenkova I would recommend all the interested ones to participate in the projects as I think any Erasmus+ exchange is a very special experience. Regardless of level of organisation, there will definitely be something to stand out and remember!

nooretevahetus youth exchange nyh prnatsusmaa france dance

More comments or anything else you would like to share? You can add here in your own language, if you want!

Alina Spiridonova Thanks for that opportunity to participate in that project !


This Project was financed by European Commission’s Erasmus + Programme