nyh vabatahtlikteenistus ESC italy itaalia rise togetherNoored Ühiskonna Heaks (NYH) is promoting a call for 1 Estonian volunteer for the European Solidarity Corps volunteering placement called “Rise Together” for 10 months, which will take place from 6th October 2021 to 1st August 2022 in Lecce, South-Italy.


Hosting Organization: VulcanicaMente http://www.vulcanicamente.it

VulcanicaMente is a non-governmental organization (NGO) founded in 2012 and based in Lecce, Italy. It was born as an open platform to offer opportunities for international mobility, and intercultural and intergenerational learning. Our mission is to develop and enrich our Salento area, beginning with young people, to create a generation of active European citizens.



Rise Together is a long-term volunteering project inspired by the women’s empowerment movement to raise awareness about gender equality and the issues impacting the lives of European women. The project will highlight how through collaboration and productive conversations, people of all genders can rise together to reap the rewards of a more equal and just society.

Through our team’s guidance and collaboration with local partners, volunteers will have the opportunity to give back and support the local community. They will be empowered to be active citizens fighting toward the development and improvement of all Europe, while gaining and improving a variety of skills.



Lecce is a beautiful baroque style city in the very south of Italy, in the region of Apulia. More precisely, it is situated in Salento that is surrounded by incredible seaside and beautiful natural sights. Salento is rich in culture. The project covers the whole region of Salento.


Profile of the volunteer:

  • aged 18-30
  • resident in Estonia
  • Interested in the topic of the project
  • Motivated –  to learn, work hard, support our activities and help the community
  • Caring – open minded and respectful towards other people, spaces and cultures.
  • Creative and proactive volunteers who propose personal projects and ideas.
  • Green – VulcanicaMente maintains an eco-friendly environment. Our volunteers should embrace this lifestyle and be willing to use bikes as their main transportation.


Activities of the volunteer:



  • Creation of Social Awareness Campaigns


Volunteers will create a variety of social and online campaigns addressing gender equality issues. Campaign activities will include Women’s Day initiatives, gender role play, mindfulness workshops, social media call to actions, human rights debates, intergenerational gender equality forums, tolerance workshops combating stereotypes, and much more.


  • NGO Management


During their project, ESC volunteers become part of the “vulcanic” team, shadowing staff and learning the ins and outs of running an NGO. Weekly volunteer tasks will allow them to develop a variety of management and professional skills in support of all of VulcanicaMente’s efforts. Occasional work in Erasmus+ projects will include cleaning and kitchen duties.


  • Event Management


Throughout the project period, volunteers will be expected to organize and manage a series of local events (in-person and online) complementing the project’s topic and in support of other VulcanicaMente community development activities.


  • Language Teaching


Volunteers will conduct a variety of language learning activities, teaching English to locals and students through the use of non-formal education (NFE) methods. Language teaching activities will include monthly IngLecce gatherings, Unitandem (university language exchange) and assistance with formal language courses.


  • Social Media and Content Creation


ESC volunteers will assist with the creation of social media content promoting their project activities, Erasmus+ opportunities and other VulcanicaMente efforts. Additionally, they will develop editorial content to be published on the dedicated volunteer blog, offering the opportunity to learn professional communications and writing techniques.


  • Personal Projects


All volunteers will have the opportunity to develop and lead their own personal projects, showcasing their skills and a topic of interest inspired by their learning during the volunteering period.


You will volunteer 5 days a week up to 38 hours per week. You will have two days off per week for the duration of the project and two holiday days per month. The weekly timetable can be changed in accordance with VulcanicaMente.



Volunteers will share a furnished four-bedroom, two-bathroom apartment in Lecce. Each volunteer will have their own room and share the fully-equipped kitchen and bathrooms. The apartment is comfortable with ample natural lighting, five balconies, 10 minutes from the center and the main bus station steps away. Basic amenities such as sheets and towels will be provided and volunteers are welcome to make their rooms their own. All volunteers will be expected to share housing cleaning tasks, take care of the spaces and furniture/art already in the apartment, and maintain a sustainable lifestyle with responsible recycling and use of water and electricity.

Food & pocket money:

The volunteer will receive 300€ for food and pocket money per month.



The travel costs to the hosting organization and back home will be reimbursed up to 360€.
A bike will be provided for local transport.



The volunteers will have Cigna insurance.



Noored Ühiskonna Heaks will help with all the preparation for the volunteering experience. 


Here you can find the full infopack of the project: https://cutt.ly/zQp19ps 


There is 1 placement for Estonia. Together the project involves 4 volunteers from Estonia, Germany, Spain and Turkey.


To apply, fill in this application form and attach your CV: https://cutt.ly/1Qt1Id1


Application deadline: 1st September 2021


For further questions contact tairi@nyh.ee


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