nyh vabatahtlikteenistus ESC ungar hungary dombfalvaNoored Ühiskonna Heaks (NYH) is promoting a call for 3 Estonian volunteers for the European Solidarity Corps group volunteering placement called “Straw and Clay for Sustainability” for 2 months, which will take place in Dombfalva, Hungary, from the 20th June until the 23rd August 2021.



Hosting Organization: Dombfalva http://www.dombfalva.hu/?fbclid=IwAR2x2_xdzRluujCF0A3c1yEBznOQiTo3xkID6-B0OPFf1vjF4SggmUqwbj0

Our place Dombfalva is a community-based, environmentally sustainable initiative for cultural and recreational activities. Our goal is to create a multi- purpose venue that is suitable for hosting various events, meetings and camps. We organize programs for young people, children and families (workshops, volunteer-days, summer festival) and we think of Dombfalva as an inclusive space where the ideas of external partners could be realized.


Dombfalva is located in a quiet valley of the Gödöllő hills, approximately 40km from Budapest. The size of the area is 4 hectares in which we have forest, field and garden with 3 buildings.


During the 2 months volunteering program we would like to realize the development of our infrastructure, so that it is ready by the end of August for our annual cultural-art festival, called Organix Festival.

The group of volunteers will participate in tasks with clear goals, mainly related to the eco- architectural development of the area. They are going to get acquainted with the water management of the venue, the use of clay and straw in construction and the environmental and economical results of using local materials.

No previous professional knowledge is needed for the tasks, but the activities of the programme are going to give the opportunity to all participants to develop their personal skills. During the programme the tasks will be built on each other, and by the end they will create a bigger, complex system, which is going to be justified by the results of our common and personal efforts.

Many different games and interactive workshops are going to support the participants non-formal learning. There will be dedicated time to rest, and cultural programmes are also included. We are planning to visit one of the biggest Baroque palaces in Hungary, swim in a nearby lake, take a walking tour among the stunning hills surrounding the venue or visit Budapest.

Our goal is to build:

  • a building to be used as a buffet, with desks, sink and a big, covered terrace connected to this we would build a traditional cellar for food storage
  • a covered stage with a desk for sound-technicians and additional storage place a drink counter connected to the stage

At the end of the project, volunteers can stay for free for our 4-day festival called Organix Festival. It will be a perfect opportunity to celebrate the results of our work together and to enjoy a nice and cozy summer festival with music, different workshops and freetime activities.

Profile of the volunteer

  • 18-30 years old resident in Estonia
  • strong interest in environmentalism, opened to learn new methods, to get to know a different, sustainable lifestyle.
  • we will mostly do physical work, so we would like to have volunteers who are not afraid of getting their hands a little dirty

NB! This is a group-volunteering project, so you can participate even if you have already done short or long-term EVS/ESC volunteering projects before!


The volunteers will be accommodated in one building all together with single beds. Participants should bring their own sleeping bags and pillows. We will use outdoor solar showers and composting toilets, and a washing machine is available.


Food & Pocket money

The hosting organization provides the food ingredients and the volunteer team prepares the meals together with the help of staff. The pocket money is 150€ per month.



The travel costs to the hosting organization and back home will be reimbursed up to 275€.



Noored Ühiskonna Heaks will help with all the preparation for the volunteering experience.


To apply, send your motivation letter and CV to tairi@nyh.ee

Application deadline: 24th April 2021