Duration: 2 months

Time: 2nd May – 1st July 2021 (including travel days)

Place: Paikuse, Pärnu county



Profile of the volunteer:  “We are looking for a volunteer who has the desire to work with children and young people, who has ideas and motivation to share one’s interests, culture and knowledge.”

– The candidate has not previously participated in a European Voluntary Service (EVS) or European Solidarity Corps (ESC) individual volunteering project.


Main activities: We expect that volunteer will enrich youth center open area activities with her/his competences, skills and interests. Like carrying out open workshops in the youth center – cooking, handicraft and recycling workshops or something according to the volunteer´s skills, experience, interests. Activities that expand the image of the world for the youth. Also design new activities and opportunities in the youth center, develop the environment for the open youth work, support youth initiative projects and help to carry them out.


What we do: The aim of PaNoKe is to contribute to the development of young people to become independent and entrepreneurial. Ensure a safe environment for young people to prevent and slow down the development of young people’s antisocial or socially unhealthy attitudes. To be an example to a young person through various activities.

We plan, organize and coordinate activities that provide young people with free time, develop their spiritual interests and ethical values, and enable self-fulfillment and entertainment. We offer young people from the local area positive alternative activities to furnish their free time -tournaments, theme evenings, trainings, trips, group work, self-initiatives, crafts, musical activities, various games and other fun social activities.

In addition, our daily activities include:

– project counseling and support for youth initiatives;

– transmission of youth information;

– counseling young people at primary level and, if necessary, referring them to a specialist;

– thematic activities on prevention;

– enabling volunteering;

– supporting the Paikuse Youth Council.


We have some examples what we are expecting from volunteer, but the concrete tasks will be settled up with volunteer and tutor:

– language lessons in school or youth center (volunteer will teach her/his mother language to youngsters);

– intercultural learning activities (cultural evenings in youth center, other places nearby);

– organized activities in the youth center open area (workshops in different topics – music, art, craft, etc.);

– trainings for youngsters (project writing, project coordination etc.).




The accommodation costs are covered. The volunteer will live in an apartment inside the PaNoKe Youth Center equipped with all the necessary utilities for comfortable living. The bathroom is shared with the youth center.


Each month volunteer’s receive a total of 270€ pocket and food money.


The transportation from home country to Estonia and back will be covered according to the distance calculator of Erasmus+ program:


The volunteer will have Cigna Health insurance.


General support:

The volunteer will have a tutor to help with any work related issues and support the learning process and mentor who will be a local friend and also will support the volunteer.

Other opportunities in the area:

Right next to our youth center there is a sports center with a gym and many active groups playing basketball, volleyball etc. Our volunteer will have free access to all our handicrafts materials for one’s own use in free time. Paikuse also has plenty of nice walking paths through bits of forest. Frisbee golf is very popular with lots of locations available here.

We have an active group of youngsters playing Dungeons and Dragons weekly.

The volunteer could also join HUUB in Pärnu (, a youth center focused on older (16+) active young people for board game evenings and general meetings. Pärnu is a 20 minutes bus ride from our youth center. Here is more information about Pärnu



Candidates must be aged 18-30 from European countries of Erasmus+.



Project in the Youth Portal:


How to apply?

Please fill in this application form and add your CV and motivation letter as attachments:


Application deadline: 22nd March 2021


For further questions contact Liis Vääna –