nyh vabatahtlikteenistus ESC holland netherlands hospitalityNoored Ühiskonna Heaks (NYH) is promoting a call for 2 Estonian volunteers for the European Solidarity Corps volunteering placements in the Netherlands for 12 months, starting from January 2021.





Placement 1:

Hosting Organization: The European Solidarity Corps volunteer will work at Van Neynsel Stichting. Van Neynsel Stichting is a non-profit (foundation) health care provider in ‘s-Hertogenbosch, Vught and surroundings. With their expertise, they provide care at home and from their residential care centers in ‘s-Hertogenbosch and Vught. More than 1000 people work at Van Neynsel, plus more than 400 volunteers. Van Neynsel Stichting is a healthcare provider in the region with expertise in dealing with unconventional behavior by old people with dementia. Van Neynsel intends to give valuable care for their clients, and to be a pleasant organization for the professional and volunteer to work for. They put effort in their employees and volunteers to connect them, improve the team spirit and take care of personal development. It is an innovative organization.


Activities of the volunteer:

The European Solidarity Corps volunteer will together with experienced volunteers to improve physical activity for their “clients” (patients). This can be sports in general but also activities at the table such as ball games. Moreover, improving experiences through listening to music is important. The ESC volunteer will help to organize creative activities as well. This is to improve the domestic feeling and have extra attention for the clients. During the project the activities can be extended according to the talents of the ESC volunteers.

You will volunteer 5 days a week up to 38 hours per week. You will have two days off per week for the duration of the project and two holiday days per month. The weekly timetable can be changed in accordance with the hosting organization.


Profile of the volunteer:

  • aged 18-30
  • resident in Estonia
  • open-minded
  • social
  • creative youngsters who like to help people to feel at home
  • likes to organize and plan events


Placement 2:

Hosting Organization: The European Solidarity Corps volunteer will work at Broodnodig Foundation.

The Broodnodig Foundation is a foundation with the aim of educating people with a distance to the labour market, to offer “learning to work routes” and to provide daytime activities. In addition, the Broodnodig Foundation offers outpatient guidance. The Broodnodig Foundation is aimed at providing practical training courses for people with a disability and with a distance to the labour market. Specific methods have been developed for this, and training and work experience processes are being professionalised. With its activities, the Broodnodig Foundation makes a major contribution in the context of S(ocial) R(eturn) O(n) I(nvestment). The opportunities for people with disabilities on the labour market are increased. Although reintegration is not one of the main objectives of the Broodnodig Foundation, people who have successfully completed the training are placed in employment contracts with other institutions, if possible.


Activities of the volunteer:

The volunteer will work in a lunchroom Broodje Apart (hospitality branch) where disabled people are working (people with a distance to the labour market). The volunteer will assist the staff with coaching of the disabled people (people with a distance to the labour market). A special program is made for the disabled people. Sometimes it is hard for the disabled people to execute basic activities, and an extra hand or encouraging words can do wonders. Playing games to be more social or acquire other skills can be organised there. Stichting Broodnodig has a local community function. People meet each other at Broodje Apart (lunchroom) and the shop. The lunchroom contributes to removing prejudices about the target groups and the social acceptance of the target group as a regular employee. Unique is that the lunchroom is located in the centre of Schijndel. Furthermore, the volunteer is in direct contact with customers.


Profile of the volunteer:

  • aged 18-30
  • resident in Estonia
  • working experience in the hospitality branch
  • open-minded, social, energetic
  • creative youngsters who have affinity with disabled people
  • likes to organize and plan events and work with people
  • has patience


General information:

Location: s-Hertogenbosch, Vught, Netherlands

Accommodation: The volunteer will live in a shared apartment with others and the costs are covered.

Food & pocket money:

The volunteer will receive 320€ for food and pocket money per month.


The travel costs to the hosting organization and back home will be reimbursed up to 275€.

Language learning:

The volunteer will have Dutch lessons

Training cycle:

The volunteer will take part in on-arrival and mid-term trainings in the Netherlands.


Noored Ühiskonna Heaks will help with all the preparation for the volunteering experience.


There is 1 vacancy for each of the placements.


To apply, send your CV and motivation letter naming the preferred placement (or order of preference) to tairi@nyh.ee


Application deadline: ASAP!


For further questions contact tairi@nyh.ee


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