gaia piras turkey solidarity corps eesti estonia hellik nurseryName: Gaia Piras

Age: 27 years old

Country/city of origin: Cagliari, Italy


Activity Dates: 01/09/2020 – 01/07/2021

Total months of volunteering: 10 months

Hosting city in Estonia: Tallinn

Hosting organization: Lastesoim Hellik Nursery


Main activities:gaia piras turkey solidarity corps eesti estonia hellik nursery

At Lastesoim Hellik Nursery daily activities are always well planned and focused for the best children’s learning. There are 36 kids between the age of 1.5 to 3 years old and they are divided by age into two groups. In fact, all the activities are planned and adapted according to every specific age group. In the morning, after a good and healthy breakfast, the children have a big space indoor to play all together. At the start of the week, the teachers introduce a new topic to the kids, in order for them to be familiar with it and work on it for the whole week. The learning process starts usually at 9.30 where kids are invited to sit and discover the weekly topic altogether. All this is done through games, stories and songs in a way that, for the kids, learning can be also fun. Every day at 10.30, the children have the opportunity to play outdoor in their big playground. Their learning process continues there, with some outdoor games to discover little animals and nature. At 12 then, after a very long and tiring morning, it’s finally lunch time. Every meal is prepared with an extra attention to every ingredient to make sure the children can eat an healthy, good and warm meal. After lunch then, usually around 12:30, the children can take a nap in little and cozy beds, to make sure they rest and get energized for a fun and playful afternoon. After nap time, at 15 in the afternoon, the kids eat a little snack-meal and after it, they have some more time to go play outside before going home.


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