Call for Volunteers for European Solidarity Corps nyh esc fellowship sosNoored Ühiskonna Heaks is coordinating an European Solidarity Corps volunteering project called “Fellowship Of Volunteers”. We are looking for 1 volunteer to Keila SOS Children’s Village


Duration: 12 months

Time: September 2020 – September 2021

Place: Keila, Harjumaa


Profile of the volunteer:

– 18-30 years old

– citizen of European Programme country of Erasmus+ or Russia, Belarus, Ukraine

– hasn’t participated in a long term volunteering project (EVS, ESC)

– active and ready to work with children with special needsCall for Volunteers for European Solidarity Corps nyh esc fellowship sos

– can take initiative

– personality traits that we are looking for are open mindedness, patience, activeness and supportiveness.


Main activities:

The volunteer will be working daily with children in the age of 4 to 18. The village consists of 13 houses and each house has around 4 kids.

– support SOS family in their daily activities

– make English language class or teach volunteer’s native language

– create after-school activities for the kids based on the hobbies and skills of the volunteer

– help teacher in the nursery school, playing games and teaching children

– create cultural events

– take part in summer camps and field trips

– organise out-door activities (sports, swimming, hiking etc,)


The village consists of 13 houses and each house has around 4 kids. The family  consists of children, SOS-mother and SOS-aunt. Our plan for the future is to move out of the village, that would mean that every family would move to their own private property  and would become more independent like a real family. We are in the process of doing so but still we have families that have children with special needs that need extra care and the volunteers job would be to support the SOS-mothers and SOS-aunts. Most families won’t be moving out soon, so there is still a need to do activities with the children in the village. The families that move out will still be supported, but it would be more flexible work and not so often. During the summer vacation we have many common outdoor-activities and trips. Many of the trips will be organized by the social workers and volunteers’ job would be to participate and support the children throughout or propose any new activities.

Call for Volunteers for European Solidarity Corps nyh esc fellowship sos

We encourage the volunteer to organize any activities independently. We have funds to organize different activities with the kids, that the volunteer can use with the help of the tutor. The purpose of the volunteer would be to support the families and also give the kids a chance to explore different cultures and practise English language skills. With the help of the tutor the volunteer can organize English lessons, different hobby classes, activities  dependent on the volunteers skills, experiences and knowledge. In the summertime the job would be more flexible and would mostly consist of outdoor-activities. The volunteer would be responsible for its own working schedule, since the work is flexible and changing to children’s needs. There are many opportunities to create activities in the surrounding nature. We have many sports activity fields and going swimming is something children are very fond of during summertime. Annual events in summertime we have are Children’s Village birthday, SOS Football cup, canoeing trip and many more.

During the school year the children will be busy with school and hobbies. So the activities should be more in the evenings and on the weekends. That’s the time when children need help with their English studies. English study and hobby class can be arranged during the week.

In the mornings it’s possible to help out in the nursery school. The educators in the nursery school need assistance with everyday things. Teaching children basic English words and playing games with them and for them to be in contact with someone foreign is a good practice to experience different cultures. During the school year the schedule can change

also, because we many times organize different events on the  weekends. If the vacation days will be interrupted then another free day will be organized on other days’ expenses.


Project in the Youth Portal:




The accommodation costs are covered. Volunteer will live in a shared flat equipped with all the necessary utilities for comfortable living. The flat will be located not far from the activities place.


Each month volunteer’s receive a total of 270€ pocket and food money.


The transportation from home country to Estonia and back will be covered up to 275€.

The local transport between home and work place will be covered.


The volunteer will have Cigna Health insurance.

Language support:

The volunteer will have access to the Online Language Support to learn Estonian.

Volunteer’s training cycle:

The volunteer will have an on-arrival and mid-term training provided by the Estonian National Agency.

General support:

The volunteer will have a mentor to help with any issue and support the learning process.

Every 10 weeks a meeting with all the volunteers and coordinators will take place in different parts of Estonia to evaluate the progress of the volunteering projects, to set goals, socialize and discover new locations in Estonia.

 Extra activities (compulsory in all placements):

In addition to the work at the hosting organization, the volunteers will take part in different events and fairs to promote European Solidarity Corps and the Erasmus+ programme.

The volunteer can apply funds (up to 200€) to create a personal project in the community.




Selected candidates will be contacted to arrange a Skype call meeting before the final decision of the hosting organizations.

For additional questions write an email to