Name of the project: Migration Highways Training Course

Date: 27th August until 3rd September 2019

City / Country: Diemeringen, France

What was the main topic of the event?

Mirjam Aluvee – The main topic of the project was migration.

Cassidy-Angel Kõiv – The main topic was migration, it’s ways, the options of immigration and emigration as well as experiences. Learning about the organisations who work with migrants daily and in what ways certain organisations can help you.

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What was the biggest learning moments on the event for you?

Mirjam Aluvee – As always there were many learning moments and it’s not very easy to point out ju

st one. Although if I needed to choose, I’d go with the one where we looked into certain terms connected with migration. I learned some new terms, which helped me to understand this

topic more thoroughly and I also discovered that some terms are often used incorrectly.

Cassidy-Angel Kõiv – The biggest learning moment was getting to experience the same feelings migrants have to face daily. Through simulation these emotions were already overwhelming so I can only imagine what people actually have to experience when in the process of seeking for a safe haven. Also learning about the organisations that can help people and what they do.

Do you have any plans to continue active in the field? If yes, what?

Mirjam Aluvee – From now on I will definitely be more aware and attentive to what’s happening around me.

Cassidy-Angel Kõiv – I want to help everybody. But will certainly get the word out and if an opportunity rises I will be sure to take action.


koolitus training course nyh france prantsusmaa estonia eesti erasmusWould you recommend it to your friends? I yes, why? If not, why not?

Mirjam Aluvee – Yes, I would recommend this experience to my friends, especially to those who would like to have some diversity and new/different perspectives in their lives. This kind of experiences really widen you horizons and teach you new things in a fun and memorable way.

Cassidy-Angel Kõiv – Everybody should experience this exact project and projects in general. It would help build a more acceptive society, which is what we drastically need at this moment.

More comments or anything else you would like to share? You can add here in your own language, if you want!

Cassidy-Angel Kõiv – Take the chance, take action, reflect, help build a better society.



This Project was financed by European Commission’s Erasmus + Programme