Name: Marta Torres Campos

Age: 24 years old

Country/City: Spain, Santa Cruz de Tenerife




Activity Dates: April 2019- March 2020.


Total Months of Volunteering: 11 months


Hosting City in Estonia: Tallinn.


Hosting Organisation: Let’s Do It World


Main Activities Developed:

I am volunteering at Let’s Do It World, an increadible NGO that works at a global level to guarantee the protection of the Environment, through, for example the World Clean Up Day, that will take place next 21st of September. Specifically, my work at Let’s Do It World is very broad and varied. In the following lines I will give a brief explanation of the different assignments that I have been carrying out recently:

  • Creation of database. For example, the creation of Contact Guides useful and neccesary to establish partners, search for collaborations and develop Let’s Do It World network.
  • Research. Research on relevant issues for the development of the NGO and the realization of the World Clean Up Day next 21st of September.
  • Translation. The translation and adaptation of documents to post on our social networks or to send to our member countries all around the globe.
  • Management of Social Media. Follow up social media development and analyse its’ positive and negative improvements.
  • Provide assistance during meetings. For example, note taking and drafting of Memos.
  • Conduct interviews via Skype with NGO members to discuss relevant issues and keep track of various subjects.

All in all, I am very proud of the great work Let’s Do It World is conducting and I feel very lucky to be able to participate in this great project.


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