Volunteering in service of Autism – Madis-Siim Kull – 8 Months Volunteering in Skopje, North Macedonia

evs volunteer inclusion evs evt madis kull vabatahtlik volunteer macedonia
My experience in Macedonia



I spent last 9 months in the Republic of North Macedonia. One thing that I must tell is that it was most definitely once in your lifetime experience. In hindsight Most fondest memories that I had was. Heart worming kindness and love of Macedonian people and kindness and love that I felt being a member of the VCS family and the guest in the beautiful country is a thing that I will remember for life. I felt all of that   touring   my travels   around   Macedonia When I was visiting Ohrid and Bitola. It was just amazing how willing random strangers were to perform random acts of kindness compere to Estonian. Special I remember the day that I Spent at the countryside with a local Macedonian family. The reason was my long term photo project: “the maiden Memories” That meant me photographing native girl in national dress doing things jobe crafts that she loved the most. I remember the hospitality and kindness of the family fondly to this day. It was some time in December so unfortunately it was quiet time in this farm. But still I got some nice images that need to be developed.evs volunteer inclusion evs evt madis kull vabatahtlik volunteer macedonia


All those lovely evening at the opera and national philharmonica.  Enjoying concert and shows in a  lovely  companion.

Beautiful nature Mountains are something new for me and the are beautiful to look at. One needs to know to respect them or they might become end of you.


I got yelled at only once when an old lady was angry. At me while I was volunteering at food rally and advised me to go home. Hey she was a cool old lady. I understood what she came from.


evs volunteer inclusion evs evt madis kull vabatahtlik volunteer macedoniaAbout the work writing articles for our youth magazine was a new experience. I used one in life time opportunity to conduct a lot of interviews with interesting and inspirational personalities. How touched my heart during this time and prior to it all. Rest of the work load was regular it work.


Only interesting part were the workshops that I assisted in facilitating and 2 photography workshops that I lead all on my own. I consider myself just a hobby photographer how has 2 projects to run. Usually when I see other photographers liking my work in social media it is always humbling experience. I will definitely be missing the locals I befriended touring this time and I know that they will miss me. Fellow volunteer I will miss as well despite knowing that I might meet them in some other project sooner than I expect.


evs volunteer inclusion evs evt madis kull vabatahtlik volunteer macedonia


This Project was financed by European Commission’s Erasmus + Programme