nursena kaplan esc turkey european solidarity corps eesti estonia keilaName: Nursena Kaplan

Age: 23 years old

Country/City: Istanbul, Turkey


Activity Dates: 01.02.2019-31.08.2019


Total Months of Volunteering: 7 months


Hosting City in Estonia: Keila 


Hosting Organisation: SOS Children’s Village


Main Activities Developed: nursena kaplan esc turkey european solidarity corps eesti estonia keila

I’m working as a support person in the SOS Children’s Village of Keila. In total, we have 12 houses in village. A SOS mother is living with 6 kids who separated from their families in per house.


– English class and games: One day per week, I make english class with a few kids. I don’t want to make it boring for them. So I prepare some games about topics and I try to improve their english with these games.


I’m here with kids after their school. So I organize leisure time activities. We’re also playing a lot of games together. And I’m also planning to do some activities: Cooking, movie nights, art activities, cultural things…


– Join to ski camp: We have gone to 2-day ski camp with kids in february. I tried skiing with them first time. And I’ve been there as a support person.


– Join to trips: I and my tutor, we go to some trips with kids. For example, we went to basketball game which played between Estonian team and Belarus team with a few kids.


nursena kaplan esc turkey european solidarity corps eesti estonia keila– Motor driving practices: On thursdays, I accompany to 4 kids for their motor driving trials. We go to Keila Motor Hall and I’m there as a responsible person for kids.


– Replacing the SOS Mothers: If the mothers can’t be here (for some reasons), I replace with them. So I take care of the kids.


– Being a support person for kindergarten teacher: Each week 2 days, I work in kindergarten. I help to teacher for educational activities, special day decorations. I’m giving ideas and we’re preparing some materials together. I’m also making art activities in here. I join to children’s music lessons. I play games with them in class and outside. So I try to teach them some english concepts in games.


– Work in youth center: I also work in Keila youth center. I make activities and play games with kids and some young: finger knitting, board games, table tennis, basketball, table football… I help to other youth workers, join to events. I also made Turkish cultural day in here.




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nursena kaplan esc turkey european solidarity corps eesti estonia keila