triine viisma vabatahtlik teenistus european voluntary service macedoniaName: Triine Viisma

Age: 23 years old

Region/City: Tallinn


Activity Dates: the original ones: 1.10.2018-30.09.2019 

Total Months of Volunteering: 12 months


Hosting Country: Macedonia FYROM

Hosting Organisation: Volunteers Centre Skopje

Main Activities Developed

* Doing different activties with kids in the Roma Community

   – I work in a Day Care Centre, where we take care of the kids in Roma Community. We help them with their school work, hygiene and provide them with food. We can also do different kind of activities, like arts, sports etc.

* I also have the chance to take part in Voices magazine to write articles for young people

* And I can take part in organizing workshops about different topics, like environment, public speaking, discrimination etc.



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My blog is but for my privacy, it’s not open for everybody, so in case of interest, please send me your e-mail.