Name of the project: You Can Do It!

Date: 16th to 24th November 2018

Country/City: Poland, Olsztyn




What was the main topic of the event?

Julia Tihhonjonok – Main theme was handmade activities

Anett Aedla – Handcrafts and learning about cultures.

Victoria Magi – Handcrafting workshops

Nikita Savin – Handwork

Alina Otsus – Handwork

Emil Orub – Handcraft


What was the biggest learning moments on the event for you?

Julia Tihhonjonok – As I was for the first time team leader in such project then I learned a lot about team leading. I was really happy about the people in my group, especially that they participated actively in all the workshops and activities. Also I learned a lot about Poland and got some new facts about Lithuania and Romania.

Anett Aedla – Making new friends was very surprising, i didn’t think that i would find friends with who i keep contact after the project, but I did and they are amazing!

Victoria Magi – Learning how to do handcraft and how important it is to concentrate while at it.

Nikita Savin – Communication with people

Alina Otsus – Group work

Emil Orub – To finish work what you did not finish in the first set.


Do you have any plans to continue active in the field? If yes, what?

Julia Tihhonjonok – I would definitely join projects us a group lead or I want to be a part of the training courses. The topic of the project has to be interesting for me 🙂

Anett Aedla – I would be pleased to participate in future projects.

Victoria Magi – I would definitely like to participate in other projects like this one.

Nikita Savin – Maybe yes, in the future I will try another project.

Alina Otsus – Yes, I would like to participate in other projects.

Emil Orub – Yes, i am thinking about Putting läänes skills to use in my home.


Would you recommend it to your friends? I yes, why? If not, why not?

Julia Tihhonjonok – I would really recommend that kind on experience. Such project gives people courage to speak in English, also to learn more about other cultures. Opportunity to make new friends. For leaders good experience to try yourself as a group lead and try different techniques – cool but challenging 🙂

Anett Aedla – Definitely, it is such a great experience in so many ways. You can improve your skills, English, learn things about different countries and cultures and the most important- make great friends.

Victoria Magi – Yes! I learned so much about other countries’ cultures and I made new friends.

Nikita Savin – Yes, because it’s the best practice of English language.

Alina Otsus – Yes.It is very good English practice.

Emil Orub – Yes, everybody were super friendly, and it was easy to work with them.


More comments or anything else you would like to share? You can add here in your own language, if you want!

Julia Tihhonjonok – Don´t be afraid to participate, these projects are so cool that after they will end you will miss the fun time you had there 🙂

Victoria Magi – This project was wonderful. The people made it to be absolutely amazing. I learned so much about others and also myself.

Nikita Savin – I liked this project.

Emil Orub – Food was good.



This Project was financed by European Commission’s Erasmus + Programme