Name of the Project: Humour Is Serious Business

Date: 5th to 12th November 2018

Country/City: Drobollach, Austria




What was the main topic of the event?

Eva Lea Jääger – Using humour as a deliberate tool in youth work.

Ilmar Uduste – The project was mostly about humour and how to use it in work relating to youths.


What was the biggest learning moments on the event for you?

Eva Lea Jääger – The biggest learning moment for me was realising how many cultures use what they’ve been through in their humour (wars, slavery, hunger etc) – it seems to be a coping mechanism and also, in a way, what has helped them (and us Estonians as well) survive. I also came to realise that most of Estonian humour is quite politically incorrect and needs to be expressed with caution.

Ilmar Uduste – Maybe when people from other countries were introducing their culture’s sense of humour. I discovered that not everyone has the dark sense of humour that Estonians have.


Do you have any plans to continue active in the field? If yes, what?

Eva Lea Jääger – Since I am a council member of a students’ association and engaged in students’ lives, worries, studies and joys daily, I can certainly put some of the acquired knowledge to good use.

Ilmar Uduste – No. I feel as if I have other projects with which to travel abroad and meet new people.



Would you recommend it to your friends? I yes, why? If not, why not?

Eva Lea Jääger – I absolutely would. Besides being able to practice your English, meeting people from all over Europe and establishing connections the training course provided sufficient insights.

Ilmar Uduste – Yes, definitely. This kind of experience forces you out of your comfort zone and makes you socialize with people from different culture’s. If you’re not familiar with these kinds of situations, then this kind of project is highly recommended to you!


This Project was financed by European Commission’s Erasmus + Programme